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Kicking off the second weekend of the Rugby World Cup I’m featuring some bands that I found on Instagram (@sufferingzappatache is my handle- check me out!).

Firstly we have Italian doom trio Krownn who, if you’re fans of Place of Skulls, Orange Goblin, Grand Magus etc, then you should not hesitate to click their bandcamp page and snap up the two albums that are available right now The riffs are heavy and contagious and the lyrics are inspired by the fantasy greats of Tolkien, Howard,etc. Also check out the guitarist’s Instagram page (@sealsofblackening) for some brilliant artwork.



From the snowy depths of Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba to be exact) come atmospheric black metal band Wilt who conjure up spacious, depressive  bm melodies and give the listener a real sense of bleakness and futility. There is some light amongst the shade and dark but the overall feeling is one of despair, and that’s fine with me!




Italy defeated Canada 19-14 at the 2003 World Cup; the five-point margin was the narrowest victory Italy have recorded over Canada in their seven Tests against the Maple Leafs (W5 L2). Italy have won the last four Tests between these nations having lost two of their first three against the North American nation. Both teams suffered a defeat in their opening games and with both France and Ireland already looking like they’ve got the top two spots sewn up, it’s probably just a matter pride for these two teams and I believe the Italians will have just a little too much for their Canuck counterparts.

Musically, Krownn take the erm……..crown for Italy with their retro-doom loveliness and gorgeous riffs.



Up first is South African melodic death/groove metal act Dreams Of Nightmares playing a fairly decent, no frills melodic death/groove metal. It’s nothing too spectacular and a little too much on the groove side for my liking but decent enough.



Representing Samoa for this game will be New York orchestral/post-black metal/shoegaze act So Hideous (@sohideous on Instagram). Combining elements of G!YBE-type orchestration, hardore, shoegaze and post BM riffing and phrasing, the band are a powerful act to listen to. Occasionally there is a little too much going on in some of the songs, but when the fire mix just the right amount of their influences together it makes for a potent an heady brew a emotional, uplifting metal.




This will be the fifth World Cup Test between these nations; the Springboks have not faced any other side more often (England also four times). South Africa won the previous four games between the sides. This will be a tough game for South Africa to try and bounce back from after their defeat to Japan. Samoa will be confident after their victory over the US and will be looking forward to keeping their winning momentum going. This will be a close game but I feel SA will just do enough to edge out the Samoans.

Musically So Hideous take the victory.


JUKEBOX MONKEY vs ZONDERHOOF- The Battle of the Stoner Bands!

Jukebox Monkey can be found on Instagram (@jukeboxmonkey) and are from the sunny seaside hamlet of Gravesend in the English garden that is Kent. Playing stoner metal/rock that’s similar in style to Grand Magus fronted by Maynard James Keenan , Jukebox Monkey are a powerful four piece with some amazing riffs catchy choruses and excellent songs. One to check out.


Zonderhoof’s take on stoner metal/doom is of a more instrumental variety, with huge riffs, more emphasis on the doom aspect and killer long songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Church of Misery or Sleep album (and great song titles too!)




These two rivals have met twice at World Cups, in 1987 and 2003, with England losing the first encounter but winning 12 years ago and each of those games were settled by significant margins, 13 and 11 points respectively. England are aiming for three straight victories over Wales for the first time since 2011 however England have lost two of their last five Tests at Twickenham against their border rivals but prior to that won 10 in a row against Wales at HQ. In their last three defeats against Wales (2011-2013), England failed to score a try, however, England have failed to score a try just once in their last 15 Tests. With the Australians also in Pool A neither team can afford to slip up and defeat for one team will probably hinder qualification into the next round. England will be favourites due to being the host nation, but the Welsh will have more than enough to counter the English. A tough game settled by a point or two and with the Welsh coming out as victors.

Musically I’m going for the draw. Both bands are excellent examples of the variety in the stoner doom/rock genre. If I was to judge it I’d probably give it to Jukebox Monkey due to the great sing-a-long choruses but it’ll be a close call.


any questions?

So it’s a bumper-filled edition today as the Rugby World Cup gets under way with FOUR games today meaning eight new bands for your sweet, delicate little lugholes.


Ancient Moon are an international black metal/ambient act that have just the one album out and it only features one track, but what a track it is! Grainy tremolo riffing gives way to a cacophony of buzzing guitars and crashing drums followed by an ominous, almost Tuvan throat-like vocals which continue throughout the song. The quieter moments allow the listener a breather before the noise comes crashing back in and sweeping you away. This is a very well written piece of music and there’s enough here to keep you interested over it’s 28 minute length.



Adramalech, hailing from Georgia, is a one-man black metal act (Veliar-all instruments) who has released several eps and albums  of varying black metal/ambient quality since 2009. Each release has seen Adramalech expand and improve his songwriting skills and range of music, making his later work a lot more of an enjoyable experience than his earlier stuff, in my opinion.



Tonga have lost their first game of the Rugby World Cup in five of the six editions they have competed in, Georgia have failed to score a try in each of their three Rugby World Cup openers since debuting in 2003, losing all three of those games as well so something’s going to change after this game! Tonga will be favourites and will need a good start if they are to claim second place from Argentina and this game should be theirs for the taking.

Musically it’s also a win for Tonga as Ancient Moon’s single track is a lot more engaging than Adramalech’s work.


Worshiping at the Holy Altar of the Riff, Irish ne’er do wells Astralnaut play fairly enjoyable stoner rock/metal that throws nods to the usual suspects: Kyuss, Sabbath etc. Nothing ground-breaking but pretty damn fine stoner metal to bang your head to.



Finnr’s Cane are an interesting bunch of Canadians. Aside from their nicknames (The Slave, the Peasant and The Bard) Finnr’s Cane’s take on atmospheric doom/black metal is a little different to these ears and that is due in part to the use of a cello instead of a bass guitar which leads to some rocking cello solo moments in the songs! Agalloch, WITTR, Drudkh, early Ulver are the reference points for Finnr’s Cane but their strong sense of melody and songwriting also set them up as their own band and not just a copy of their influences.




Ireland have won their opening match of the last four Webb Ellis editions, scoring a combined 20 tries in these four matches. These two nations met in the inaugural edition of the tournament in 1987, with Ireland running out 46-19 winners. Canada’s record in their Rugby World Cup openers is positive, they have won four and lost three but I feel that Ireland will just have too much experience and power to overcome their opponents and should be comfortable winners.

Musically, the Canadians take this one due to the inventive songwriting and rocking cello parts of Finnr’s Cane.


Firegate are an unusual band for me to feature on one of my blog posts, not because they’re a power metal act but because of their overt Christian lyrics. Now the bible and metal have quite a few lyrical themes in common: war, death, slaughter, bloodshed and some of Firegate’s songs have those themes too but they are a little more forthright in their beliefs (“Give glory to the Lord your God before it’s too late. Acknowledge Him before He brings darkness upon you, causing you to stumble and fall on the darkening mountain
where you’ll find only terrible darkness and gloom.”- subtle isn’t it?) Now the younger more head strong me would have dismissed this straight off the bat as preachy christian crap, however if I can accept bands singing about Odin, Satan, Osiris, Ra, Shiva, unicorns, goblins, Orcs, Cthulhu then why worry about yet another fictional character and his chums? Firegate’s music is pretty decent power metal; nothing too bad but nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd.  Competent musicianship and clean, strong but not powerful vocals make Firegate on ‘OK’ listen. Damned with faint praise indeed!


Japan’s Aeternum Sacris (yet another one-man  band) are a funeral doom metal act with ambient affectations. Lush keyboards, gothic/doom style vocals and a funeral doom pace to the songs makes Aeternum Sacris a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.



This game represents these nations’ first meeting at Test level. South Africa have won all their tournament openers since debuting in 1995. Japan are winless in their last 18 World Cup matches and aside from those two draws against Canada, have lost by double-figure margins in 15 of those 16 defeats. South Africa and Samoa will be firm favourites to advance from a group that also features the USA and Six Nations Wooden Spoon winners, Scotland and this game will not give the Springboks too much trouble.

Musically, Japan win this one by a country mile. It’s not the overt Christian message in Firegate’s lyrics that bother me, some of the lyrics are quite metal in places and some of them wouldn’t look too out of place in a Meads of Asphodel song. No, the problem for me is Firegate seem to be a (very) poor man’s Satan’s Host, right down to the Harry Conklin-style vocals but as we all know the devil has all the best tunes and Firegate just can’t compete. Aeternum Sacris’s music is more deeper, more developed and just hits me on a more emotional level than Firegate ever could be.


Atmospheric doom metal is a favourite genre of mine and France’s Ixion have becaome a new favourite band for me (I’m such a bandwagoner!) This Brittany trio produce some very lush, beautiful gothic/doom metal with the clean and the harsh vocals mixing well and the musicianship and songwriting are of a very high standard. Their last album was 2011 so hopefully some new songs will be released soon.


Mourning Mist, an Italian avant-garde doom metal outfit, give a lot of prominence to the violin in their songs and it helps give the band’s music a little extra creepiness and weirdness and adds to the misanthropy. An Italian Sigh if you please.




This is the first Rugby World Cup meeting between these European rivals. France have won five of seven World Cup openers, losing as hosts in 2007 and drawing against Scotland in the inaugural edition in 1987. France have won three of the last five Tests between the sides, all in the Six Nations, with all those wins coming via margins of 18+ points, so it would seem that a French victory is all but assured and quite frankly I’m not going to bet against Les Bleues. Musically it’s a different ball game and although they play different styles of metal I have to give this match to the Italians just because of teh use of violins adds a n extra dimension to their sound.