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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post but I tried viewing the eclipse through a colander. I think I’ve strained my eyes.


Shallow Grave are an atmospheric sludge/doom metal band from NZ and by jingo, are they heavy! Huge face melting riffs, a menacing rhythm section and vocals that are shouted at you by a deranged, pissed off man. The atmosphere that they go for here is mayhem and destruction and they certain succeed on that level. Harsh, uncompromising, nasty sludge/doom metal at it’s best.



Aquilus is a one man black metal act that is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill OMBM bands. Mixing black metal, folk, acoustic passages and orchestral passages into one huge epic, outstanding, cinematic piece of music. A lot of his music wouldn’t sound out of place in a film, so grandiose and sweeping are some parts of this album and yet the metal is also supremely played that it doesn’t sound out of place next to the quiet, acoustic moments. An utterly amazing album that has to be heard in full to be truly appreciated.



PREDICTION: I’ve got no dog in this fight, both my teams (England and Scotland) were home before the postcards and so I don’t really mind who wins this final. Both teams (and co-hosts) have played great cricket and their Pool A match was a great display of bowling by both sides. Australia have already won this competition four times and will be looking to win it on home soil against their Antipodean neighbours (#everybody needs good neighbours!#) and the same is true of NZ. It’ll be their first World Cup Final appearance and to win it against the Aussies and in Melbourne will be extra special for them. However, despite their Pool A 1 wicket win in February, I fear that New Zealand will not have the firepower to overcome Australia and I can see a fifth World Cup title for Green Baggies.

Musically, although I love Shallow Grave and their self-titled album, just the sheer range, depth and beauty of Aquilus’ music makes him the winner of this contest.


A big thank you to everyone who has read these blog posts. I’ll be back in this format in September when the Rugby World Cup starts. The usual suspects will be there as well as Canada, USA, Romania, Italy, Georgia, Samoa, Argentina, Fiji, Tonga, Japan and Namibia, so I’ll be featuring metal bands from those countries as well as England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, NZ, SA, France, Uruguay and South Africa. I hope you can join me again. I will be posting, hopefully once a week before then but for now I’m off to bone up on my knowledge of the Namibian, Fijian, Samoan and Tongan metal/rock scene!


The second semi-final of the Cricket World Cup features two sides who between them have won the last four World Cups (Australia with 3 and India are the current holders) and had fairly easy quarter final wins over poor opponents.


Hailing from Brisbane, Australia comes one-man-ambient-atmospheric-black metal act Afterwalker (D.P. Pearce) and if you’re familiar with fellow Brisbane resident Dis Pater and his Midnight Odyssey act, then you’ll know what the music will sound like. And that’s a good thing because after M.O, Afterwalker has become one of my favourite ambient BM bands in a while. Pearce’s playing on the albums is superb, there never feels like there is a wasted note and he does have some catchy songs up his sleeve, even the 20+ minute songs never seem to outstay their welcome and all 3 of his albums are worth checking out ob his bandcamp page.If you’re into OMAABM acts then you must check out Afterwalker.



Death/doom metal act Dormant Inferno hail from India and are signed to the ever impressive Transcending Obscurity India label. Their take on the genre is more doom than death, all quiet intros, bass runs and staccatto guitar notes before the song kicks in and off they go at a snail’s pace, and the vocals veer from a harsh, almost bm-style  to a more lower ‘doom’ sound.



PREDICTION: Both sides have been here before and both sides will be looking to make yet another finals appearance against co-host nation, and finalist virgin, New Zealand. Current holders India will be looking to repeat and keep their hands on the trophy, whilst Australia will be looking for revenge for their Feb 28th one wicket defeat in the Pool A game vs NZ. This will be a close, thrilling contest; both sides are capable of putting up big runs and have bowlers that can keep the batsmen quiet. In the end I do believe that home field advantage will see the Aussies through to their seventh Cricket World Cup Final, but it’ll be a cracker of a game!

Musically, I got to give it to Afterwalker. Midnight Odyssey comparisons aside, the music is some of the most enjoyable, from that genre, I’ve heard in a while.





Something a little different for y’all today, industrial/doom metal by a band named Dying of the Light. The sound is post-industrial Godflesh worship, with nods to Head of David (Justin Broderick’s previous band) and also pays respects to Wiseblood , a Clint Ruin Foetus album in all but name. The songs are relatively short (no longer than 5 minutes) and very catchy in the same way that herpes is catchy. If you enjoy your industrial doom heavy and bleak then Dying of the Light could be the band for you.



Throne Below is a one-man BM act from South Africa who’s debut album, ‘Defy Deceit Destroy’, is a solidly enjoyable slice of 2nd wave black metal mixed with the multicultural influences of the BM sound today, alongside a production that actually lets you hear all the damn instruments! A great debut album and hopefully there is more to come from this guy in the future.


PREDICTION: After Martin Guptill’s 237 n.o. in the quarter finals over the West Indies, New Zealand will be hoping for another big performance from their batsmen over a fully rested South Africa, who barely broke into a sweat when defeating Sri Lanka six days ago. This will be a tough game, both sides are capable of big numbers and their bowlers are capable of shutting down batsmen so I believe that home field advantage will decide this game, with the Kiwis winning a close one. Musically, I’m going to pick Dying of the Light over Throne Below but only just. Both acts are fantastic and deserve wider exposure, check them out!



So here we are at the final four of the 2014 World Cup. These four teams will be last teams featured on this blog and so I’ve chosen eight bands that I think you’re going to enjoy.  Today’s game features two of the most dominant teams in World Cup history: Brazil, with seven appearances and five victories and Germany also with seven appearances but only three victories. A victory for either side will give them an unprecedented eighth appearance in World Cup Finals history. Brazil has never won the trophy as a host nation (they were runners up in 1950) and no European team has ever won the World Cup when it has been held in the Americas, so sit back and relax and watch a game that could have more twists and turns than a M.Night Shyamalan movie. (fun fact: M.Night Shaymalan has a sister called Whoablackbetty)



Statik Majik, who take there name from a Cathedral ep, are a trio (who’ve now expanded to a four piece but all the albums are as a trio) who play heavy metal with a stoner doom vibe especially on the earlier releases. Excellent production, huge heavy riffs, a fantastic guitar sound and an great vocalist in Thiago Neves makes Statik Majik produce some great songs that will keep many a headbanger happy. Check ’em out!


Now there are many metal bands out there that owe a great thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard et al and I know I’ve featured a few on here during this World Cup blog, however I’ve yet to discover a band influenced by Douglas Adams and his seminal work ‘The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy’ (if you know any different please let me know in the comments section) so I was delighted to discover Slartibartfass (the German translation of Slartibartfast, the Magrathian who designed the Norwegian fjords) who play Viking folk metal with a passion and flair and some nice experimentation that would bring a smile to even the most hardened of Vogon faces. There more than enough viking/pagan/folk metal to satisfy fans of the genre but the band also take some risks and for the most part they pay off making the listening experience all the more enjoyable.


verdict: without Neymar and Thiago Silva I feel that the Brazilians will not be able to contain the Germans and it’s Die Mannschaft who will progress to the final.