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I had the great privilege of meeting Sir Elton John this week. He’s a very cultured, educated and intelligent man but one thing he didn’t know was the French word for ‘mouse’. For Sir Elton, ‘souris’ seems to be the hardest word.


Continuing my A-Z trawl through doom metal acts (courtesy of the ‘genre’ button on M-A) with leave the parentheses bands behind and start to feature acts that still don’t begin with the letter ‘A’!

First up is Finnish band 0XiST (pronounced ‘zero exist’) who have great dark, doomy riffs coming out of every pore and a killer guitar sound.


Next up is a sludge/doom act from the UK called 11 Paranoias. Only formed two years ago and featuring members of Ramesses and Bong, 11 Paranoias have an ep and one full length album out and available from ritualproductions.net. A wailing cacophony of noise that seems to hit all the right spots.



To round off this trio we head east to Poland and to discover the wonderfully named five piece band, 71TonMan. Great slow doomy riffs complement the fiery insanity of the female vocals and with songs titled ‘Bacon Bomb’, ‘Cyborg Jesus’ and ‘Dr.Psycho’ what’s not to love?