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So after thirty two countries and nearly a month of football, we come down to the sixty fourth game and the final two bands out of the one hundred and twenty eight bands that I have featured. This 2014 World Cup will feature the two teams that got to the final of Mexico ’86 an Italia ’90: Germany and Argentina. The Germans have been the most consistent team of the tournament and are looking for their fourth World Cup trophy (they last won in 1990 after beating Argentina) and the Argentinians have not quite lived up to the teams of old, occasionally it seems like it is just Messi plus ten guys, but are hoping to win their third World Cup (last victory in ’86 against the Germans) and to win it in the host country of their South American rivals. Hopefully it’ll be a good game, more ’86 than ’90 but with Die Mannschaft winning!

Before we start I’d like to say that this has been a highly enjoyable project for me, checking out all these bands from different parts of the metal world and being amazed at the quality of the music. I’d like the thank the metal-archives site ( http://www.metal-archives.com/ ) for having a ‘Search by Country’ function otherwise this would have been a much longer and painful process! and I’d also like to thank everyone who clicked on and read and some of you even became followers of this blog, for which I’m very grateful; I’ll try to keep making my posts educational and entertaining just like a Bruce Willis movie. I’ll be doing this again for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and probably the 2016 Euros in France and hopefully I can feature some Scandinavian and British and Irish bands! But now: The Main Event!



As you can probably tell Minas Morgul (and Tengwar for that matter) have taken their name from seems to be the most influential book for metalheads everywhere: the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien. Minas Morgul play pagan black metal which is riff heavy, bass driven, sung in German and there is definitely an Amon Amarth (another Tolkien reference!) feel to some of the later albums, which is no bad thing.  Very impressive metal, I need to get some of the band’s albums now!


Same influences (Tolkien) but musically different, Tengwar, the Elvish script created by Tolkien, go for all out epic folk metal and while folk metal and songs about orcs and hobbits have been done to death these Argentinians breathe some new life into a dying carcass mainly due to featuring more on the folk than the metal. That’s not to say there aren’t riffs and pounding drums to get your neck moving, it’s just that they focus more on traditional instruments (bodhran, whistles, Galician bagpipes etc) and aren’t afraid to use them as the lead instruments in some of their tunes. If you are a fan of folk metal mixed with a little power metal then I do recommend checking out Tengwar and their debut album.


verdict: A difficult call, I do really like both bands and thanks to discovering them whilst doing this blog I’ll be buying as many of the albums as possible but just shading it is Minas Morgul just because I do need to be in the mood to listen to folk metal whereas black metal (in most of it’s guises) i spretty much a daily thing. On the pitch, well I pick the Germans from the start and I won’t back down now!



Day nine and now I don’t have to worry about looking for new bands for this blog from Spain, Australia, Cameroon (not they have metal bands anyway!) and Japan. And after this post I may not have to worry about England (no real surprise), Honduras and Ecuador. Annnndddd, hopefully after this world cup I can finish writing my German gay porn musical featuring the songs of Neil Diamond entitled “Hans, Touching Hans”.



Fuoco Fatuo are a relative newcomer to the world of doom/death metal but make an excellent addition to the genre. They like to mix up the tempos and rhythms during their numbers and with a sludgy guitar sound, cavernous drumming and deep growled vocals this makes even their longest songs not outstay their welcome.


Instrumental funeral doom with dashes of black metal from Costa Rica, you say? Hmm sounds intriguing and it is. Whilst The Tovver ‘s first three demos are ambient/experimental noises (no as off putting as it sounds!) with spoken words from various lectures over them, their fourth demo is the one that has intrigued me most with a mixture of funeral doom and sludgy black metal (is that a thing?) and shows a band finding their feet and their place in the metal world.


The Tovver’s bandcamp link: http://thetovver.bandcamp.com/album/demo-12

verdict: Italy take this due to better production and stronger songwriting.



Formed after the demise of Celtic Frost, Trptykon is Tom G. Warrior’s new project and an absolute beast of a band it is.  Everything that made 2006’s ‘Monotheist’ such a great album is on display here too only cranked up even more; the riffs are monstrous beasts, the bass rumbles deep into your bones and the song exude a fury not heard from Warrior in a while.


Only two albums in but French band Way To End are probably one of my favourite bands at the moment. Whilst they are a great black metal band what elevates them is their willingness to experiment with time changes (almost jazzy at some points), the various vocal styles (sometimes harsh, raspy vocals, clear tones and chants often in the same song) and a production where you actual here the bass guitar! Similar in style to Sigh, Hail Spirit Noir and Negura Bunget, Way To End are an excellent addition to the avant-garde black metal genre.


verdict: this is a tough one, both are great bands and I’m going to have to go for the draw here. Can’t really split the two.



Two black metal bands from South America and two different styles.

Wintersad are a two-man ambient black metal band with lyrical themes of depression and suicide but unlike other DSBM Wintersad have some great songs and some good production so you can actually here the pain and despair clearly! It’s not really my cup of tea but the music is well made and there are some nice ambient passages to set the mood.


Urku are also a two piece black metal band but play pagan black metal. This seems to be a side project because the two members of Urku are also the two members of the heavy metal band  Golden Wolf (also form Ecuador. Hey! What are the odds?) So info is scarce about Urku but the music is great and that is all that matters.


verdict: Ecuador win this battle due to the simple philosophy put forth by the 20th Century’s greatest thinkers, Grand Funk Railroad: good singing, good playing.