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WE’RE ALL DOOMED AGAIN! (Once More With Feeling)



(And we’re live in 3……2……1………….)

Sliding back again into the doom saddle and presenting 4 bands for your delectation it’s your hostess with the mostess…………………………….ME!

Starting off in Chile with a new band named A Sad Bada, who have their debut album out now and it’s pretty damn fine. Funeral doom mixing with some post-rock moments make for a fine pairing and the vocals are nice and gruff, suiting the overall vibe of the music. My only criticism is the poor production: bass too low and the drums are too loud and tinny with kind of detracts from the songs, which are excellent.



Up next are a German band called A Sickness Unto Death who have a very Daylight Dies/Katatonia vibe about them and clean vocals throughout their songs, which makes a interesting change from the growls and deep vocals usually associated with some doom metal. Their debut album is available now at their website and a new album is promised soon.




We leave Germany and make our way over the border to France (and not for the first time in Franco-Germanic history!) and to a great band with an even better name: A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm.  Breaking down the lines between doom, sludge, blackened metal, crust and stoner metal, AVOGBTF deals with darkness and horror and exude an air of menace and despair in their songs.



Finally away up north to Norway we find a side-project from Carpathian Forest’s guitarist Vrangsinn and what a bizarre side project it is! Describing themselves as ‘Groovy Depressive PopRockMetal, A Waste of Talent have their debut album available for free download from their website (link below) and it’s a mixture of doom, the Cure, Morphine (especially the saxophone), 70’s psychedelic rock, some Super Furry Animals and despair! They do promise a second album soon but as they’ve managed to record 2 songs in 3 years, expect the follow up sometime around 2022!