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WE’RE ALL DOOMED AGAIN! (Once More With Feeling)



(And we’re live in 3……2……1………….)

Sliding back again into the doom saddle and presenting 4 bands for your delectation it’s your hostess with the mostess…………………………….ME!

Starting off in Chile with a new band named A Sad Bada, who have their debut album out now and it’s pretty damn fine. Funeral doom mixing with some post-rock moments make for a fine pairing and the vocals are nice and gruff, suiting the overall vibe of the music. My only criticism is the poor production: bass too low and the drums are too loud and tinny with kind of detracts from the songs, which are excellent.



Up next are a German band called A Sickness Unto Death who have a very Daylight Dies/Katatonia vibe about them and clean vocals throughout their songs, which makes a interesting change from the growls and deep vocals usually associated with some doom metal. Their debut album is available now at their website and a new album is promised soon.




We leave Germany and make our way over the border to France (and not for the first time in Franco-Germanic history!) and to a great band with an even better name: A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm.  Breaking down the lines between doom, sludge, blackened metal, crust and stoner metal, AVOGBTF deals with darkness and horror and exude an air of menace and despair in their songs.



Finally away up north to Norway we find a side-project from Carpathian Forest’s guitarist Vrangsinn and what a bizarre side project it is! Describing themselves as ‘Groovy Depressive PopRockMetal, A Waste of Talent have their debut album available for free download from their website (link below) and it’s a mixture of doom, the Cure, Morphine (especially the saxophone), 70’s psychedelic rock, some Super Furry Animals and despair! They do promise a second album soon but as they’ve managed to record 2 songs in 3 years, expect the follow up sometime around 2022!







So after thirty two countries and nearly a month of football, we come down to the sixty fourth game and the final two bands out of the one hundred and twenty eight bands that I have featured. This 2014 World Cup will feature the two teams that got to the final of Mexico ’86 an Italia ’90: Germany and Argentina. The Germans have been the most consistent team of the tournament and are looking for their fourth World Cup trophy (they last won in 1990 after beating Argentina) and the Argentinians have not quite lived up to the teams of old, occasionally it seems like it is just Messi plus ten guys, but are hoping to win their third World Cup (last victory in ’86 against the Germans) and to win it in the host country of their South American rivals. Hopefully it’ll be a good game, more ’86 than ’90 but with Die Mannschaft winning!

Before we start I’d like to say that this has been a highly enjoyable project for me, checking out all these bands from different parts of the metal world and being amazed at the quality of the music. I’d like the thank the metal-archives site ( http://www.metal-archives.com/ ) for having a ‘Search by Country’ function otherwise this would have been a much longer and painful process! and I’d also like to thank everyone who clicked on and read and some of you even became followers of this blog, for which I’m very grateful; I’ll try to keep making my posts educational and entertaining just like a Bruce Willis movie. I’ll be doing this again for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and probably the 2016 Euros in France and hopefully I can feature some Scandinavian and British and Irish bands! But now: The Main Event!



As you can probably tell Minas Morgul (and Tengwar for that matter) have taken their name from seems to be the most influential book for metalheads everywhere: the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien. Minas Morgul play pagan black metal which is riff heavy, bass driven, sung in German and there is definitely an Amon Amarth (another Tolkien reference!) feel to some of the later albums, which is no bad thing.  Very impressive metal, I need to get some of the band’s albums now!


Same influences (Tolkien) but musically different, Tengwar, the Elvish script created by Tolkien, go for all out epic folk metal and while folk metal and songs about orcs and hobbits have been done to death these Argentinians breathe some new life into a dying carcass mainly due to featuring more on the folk than the metal. That’s not to say there aren’t riffs and pounding drums to get your neck moving, it’s just that they focus more on traditional instruments (bodhran, whistles, Galician bagpipes etc) and aren’t afraid to use them as the lead instruments in some of their tunes. If you are a fan of folk metal mixed with a little power metal then I do recommend checking out Tengwar and their debut album.


verdict: A difficult call, I do really like both bands and thanks to discovering them whilst doing this blog I’ll be buying as many of the albums as possible but just shading it is Minas Morgul just because I do need to be in the mood to listen to folk metal whereas black metal (in most of it’s guises) i spretty much a daily thing. On the pitch, well I pick the Germans from the start and I won’t back down now!



So here we are at the final four of the 2014 World Cup. These four teams will be last teams featured on this blog and so I’ve chosen eight bands that I think you’re going to enjoy.  Today’s game features two of the most dominant teams in World Cup history: Brazil, with seven appearances and five victories and Germany also with seven appearances but only three victories. A victory for either side will give them an unprecedented eighth appearance in World Cup Finals history. Brazil has never won the trophy as a host nation (they were runners up in 1950) and no European team has ever won the World Cup when it has been held in the Americas, so sit back and relax and watch a game that could have more twists and turns than a M.Night Shyamalan movie. (fun fact: M.Night Shaymalan has a sister called Whoablackbetty)



Statik Majik, who take there name from a Cathedral ep, are a trio (who’ve now expanded to a four piece but all the albums are as a trio) who play heavy metal with a stoner doom vibe especially on the earlier releases. Excellent production, huge heavy riffs, a fantastic guitar sound and an great vocalist in Thiago Neves makes Statik Majik produce some great songs that will keep many a headbanger happy. Check ’em out!


Now there are many metal bands out there that owe a great thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard et al and I know I’ve featured a few on here during this World Cup blog, however I’ve yet to discover a band influenced by Douglas Adams and his seminal work ‘The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy’ (if you know any different please let me know in the comments section) so I was delighted to discover Slartibartfass (the German translation of Slartibartfast, the Magrathian who designed the Norwegian fjords) who play Viking folk metal with a passion and flair and some nice experimentation that would bring a smile to even the most hardened of Vogon faces. There more than enough viking/pagan/folk metal to satisfy fans of the genre but the band also take some risks and for the most part they pay off making the listening experience all the more enjoyable.


verdict: without Neymar and Thiago Silva I feel that the Brazilians will not be able to contain the Germans and it’s Die Mannschaft who will progress to the final.



THE WORLD CUP OF METAL DAY TWENTY- Crashing Starships into Planets

So here we are in the years, well the Quarter-Finals at least and we have two European powerhouses facing off once again, as they have so many times (mainly in the early 20th Century-you may have read about it or seen programmes about it on the Hitler History Channel) and two South American teams that both play in yellow, have two of the most talked about young players of the tournament (Neymar and Rodriguez), have fanatical fans and crushing poverty with soccer being the only way out for many youngsters. Wow! Look at that! Some actual football talk and not a hint or sign of crappy jokes. Allez!



Hamka are a female fronted symphonic power metal band that feature ‘ethnic’ music influences. They play very strong, powerful ‘power metal’ and are a quite enjoyable listen.


I discovered Schattenbrandung on Bandcamp, and they play a very impressive style of black/doom metal. Angry, harsh, doomy and with some progressive Enslaved-ish elements makes this debut album a must for black/doom metal lovers. There’s only two videos on Youtube, a 5 minute teaser and one for the whole album. I’m posting the teaser and if you like it play the album then click the Bandcamp link and buy the damn thing!



verdict: I had the Germans as my pick to win this whole thing, so I’m going for them to advance to the Semi’s and Schattenbrandung win this round musically.



HellLight are a Brazilian Funeral doom band that are just fantastic. Strong playing, excellent vocals and a great penchant for covers that reminds me of Type O Negative make HellLight a great doom band for you to enjoy.


Luciferian Werewolfs are a duo playing raw black metal and it is very raw, and possibly they may be a little NSBM for my tastes (judging from the images) but as they sing in Spanish, have bad production and the words are screamed rather than sung, I’ve no idea what’s being said. Still the name’s cool, if slightly misspelt.


verdict: On the field I’d love Colombia to win and progress to the semis however I think Brazil have enough guile (read: dirty, diving cheats) to win. Musically HellLight, no competition.


I’m quite surprised that my predictions for which teams go through were all correct! One of my greatest days I must say. The second greatest time I had was when me and my father decided to put on a ‘Download’-style festival. We took Chirk Airfield as our site and booked a lot of groups we thought would suit the bill. However, we found out the long range weather forecast from the Met and it said that it would be torrential rain. With this in mind we thought it best to call the whole caboodle off. The greatest time I ever had? We didn’t tell the bands.



Lundi Galilaois the driving force behind one man project Dead Mountain Mouth, a death/black metal band with large progressive and avant garde influences. The lyrics deal with extra-terrestrial lifeforms and space and some of the music reflects that. The quality of the music, the playing and the songwriting itself shines through on almost every track. Another fantastic act to check out.



The SJOB Movement were a bunch of Nigerian backing musicians who were sick of not getting credited on songs and albums they featured on, so they formed their own band and it allowed the four guys to develop and bring their own ideas to the table. The music is funky, groovy, has an Afrobeat essence and features fuzz guitar, psychedelic sounds, keyboards and moogs. Nice!

verdict: if you’ve been reading this blog from the start of the World Cup, you’ll have noticed that the Nigerians have won all of the musical contests, however today their luck runs out. SJOB Movement is really good stuff however Dead Mountain Mouth take this one because I’m a sucker for one-man projects that deal with space. Oh and France to do it on the pitch too.



Farsot play some great black metal, full of melody and mid-tempo songs with raspy/growl ing vocals alongside spoken passages. Similar to Enslaved, Farsot like to stretch out their songs and add some progressive elements to them and, like Enslaved, the music is elevated into something special.


Algeria’s Orcus play symphonic black metal and whilst it’s not re-inventing the wheel, and it’s not exactly my favourite genre, Orcus are very good and the vocals and playing are very competent. Worth a listen or two.


verdict: I really can’t see past the Germans on the pitch and musically black metal with progressive elements will beat out symphonic bm most days, and it does today.



THE METAL WORLD CUP DAY TEN (Home before the postcards)

I’ve stopped posting jokes from my phone. I had a really funny one but autocorrect ruined the lunchtime.



Well going by names alone, Fungoid Stream seem to have this one sewn up. A two-piece funeral doom metal band from Buenos Aires that have three albums to their name and play a very atmospheric funeral doom. The guitars at times are very light and airy and conjure up images of the stars and the galaxies and of floating through the cosmos. Never heard this band before but will soon rectify that! (this seems to be a recurring theme!)


FOBW play melodic death doom metal akin to Swallow The Sun, The Morningside and Daylight Dies, all slow build ups and atmospheric guitar sounds.


verdict: a tough call but for me I’ve got to go with Fungoid Stream. Doom conquers all!



Fema Kuti is the eldest son of Fela Kuti, who was the featured artist for Nigeria’s first game and was also a memeber of his father’s group and, in no shock, Fema’s music is a continuation of his father’s.

Arjen’s bandcamp page has the following statement: “Black metal project from Sarajevo created to deny any kind of light, happiness and satisfaction. All is obscurity. All is death” The music is not that grim as I thought it would be but it’s pretty good BM and well produced. Could be a grower.



verdict: 2-0 to the Kuti Family!



Heretoir are a post black metal band similar in sound to Alcest and Lantlos and create some wonderful, atmospheric music. Fusing black metal with dreamy, ethereal guitars, the mood here is contemplative and emotional.


Guy Warren was a musician, best known as the inventor of Afro-jazz and as a member of The Tempos. His virtuosity on the African drums earned him the appellation “The Divine Drummer” (from his wiki page). Some great jazz and african drumming can be found on all his records but check out this track from his debut ‘Africa Speaks, America Answers’

verdict: another tough call but I’ll have to side with the Germans due to the fact that even though Guy’s drumming is excellent, some of his jazz numbers can be a little too jazz, if you understand!