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THE METAL WORLD CUP DAY TWENTY-ONE- (Gun Salute) For Those About To Rock

The final four bands for the final four countries of the final day of the quarter finals and an exciting bunch I’ve got. Four bands whom I’ve never heard of before (let’s face it, before I embarked on this mad parade Argentinian and Costa Rican metal was not exactly on my radar) but after today I’m going to rectify that. Onwards and onwards!



Trube (German for gloomy or dim) is another one man black metal act ambient and doom characteristics. He (Gabriel Loco) has one album out and, to go along with the cheery sounding name and the style of music he plays, it’s a concept album about the Chernobyl disaster and a damn fine piece of work it is. The album gives off a vibe of menace, horror and utter helplessness mainly due in part to the Russian dialogue that sounds like it is from some kind of broadcast that was sent that day and the following weeks after. Sublime music, excellent production and heartily recommended.


In keeping with the doom and gloom feel of this post (and my fears for Belgium’s progression in this tournament) I present to you SLOW, which stands for Silence Lives Out/Over Whirpool and is yet another one man act (I’m losing count of how many I’ve featured!) playing funeral doom metal. Deha (the man behind Slow- and apologies for not adding the accents to his name, acute on the ‘e’ and grave on the ‘a’) has three Slow albums available at his bandcamp page (http://musicalexcrements.bandcamp.com/)  and each one showcases his superb songwriting and excellent playing. The slow, doomy pace, the deep,  growled vocals and the light and shade Deha uses in his compositions are truly stunning. Highly recommended.



verdict: On the pitch, I feel the Argies will beat the chocolate eating, beer-swilling, pissing Belgians (all In need to do is to mention Poirot, Flanders and the Wallonians and we have a full house on our Belgium Bingo Card!) however musically I’m going to call it a draw. Never heard of either band before but know I’m interested in getting their albums.



Originally called Liar Liar Cross On Fire (you can see why I picked!) Terzij de Horde are a five piece post black metal band and sure play a mean pinball. The ‘non’-black metal parts (all dreamy chords and mid paced tempos) sit very nicely with the basic black metal parts of the song. They only have one ep and a split ep to their name, however I do see great things in the future for this band. I just wish they kept the original name.


Howler (umlauts over the ‘o’) are a Costa Rican thrash metal band with plenty of energy and some really nice ideas and tunes. Formed from two bands (Inhaler and Howler) they have opened for DRI and Whiplash and released their debut album in 2014. If you’re looking for a good, new thrash band then Howler could be one.


verdict: Costa Rica’s fairytale ride will come to an end today as the Oranje have to much for them on the field and musically the Dutch take it again.

And Still The Beat Goes On…………

Quick recap:

Sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit,these men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem – If no one else can help – and if you can find them – maybe you- wait a minute! That’s not right……..what’s my name again?

(V.E.G.A.)- Alienforest (A Sick Mind’s Hologram)  DMP0044

So, continuing the review portion of my blog we now come on to number 4 of the 20 cds I’m reviewing and the second (V.E.G.A.) cd in the pile.



Though this is the band’s second release on the Debemur Morti label, it is in fact the first official release of the band’s debut album (recorded between 1999-2001, with the exception of the title track that was recorded in ’08) and goes a long way in explaining why several of the tracks from ‘Cocaine’ appear on here and in slightly different forms.

Opening with some garbled alien/munchkin voices on the track ‘Wilkommen’ the cd then proceeds with ‘Cocaine’, which was the closing ‘hidden’ track on the previous album! As I stated in a previous review it’s very Front 242 meets Laibach meets eurodisco track that is very well done and with this and the following track ‘Kill Me’ (also from the previous album) it sets a tone for the whole album: a black metal song followed by a eurodisco-industrial dance music song followed by bm song followed by an instrumental (continue until cd ends)

The track ‘Fish, Smoke & Satan’ is one of the many highlights on this album. Starting off in a similar way to an Orbital number, the drunken/stoned vocals  lead the listener into a strange place indeed and the more the track continues the stranger the place gets and the weirder the synths and the music becomes before the voice asks ‘is Satan there?’ and the music blends into another harsh black metal number ‘Absence’ after which the dark, brooding, ambient song ‘Oceanwoods’ takes up residence in your mind and proceeds to imprint dark, soothing images into your brain.

The final track, which is also the title track, is a very apt way to finish the album. A 10 minute walk through a soothing, electronic forest that you can almost feel cool breeze through the wires and cables that hang down from the canopies and almost get bitten by the electric bugs that are buzzing throughout the track.

This is another exceptionally strong album and I do love the mixing of the different genres and experimentation that (V.E.G.A.) do. A must for all those who posses an open mind and enjoy great music.


Helel- A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh  DMP0046

There are many things you can learn from listening to metal: songs about war campaigns and genocide (Hail of Bullets and Slayer spring to mind), how many bands have been influenced by J.R.R.Tolkien: either in name (Amon Amarth, Gorgoroth, etc) or in song titles, album concepts and album covers (take a bow Summoning) and of course the numerous names for the Adversary of various religions: Beherit, Marduk, Samael, Azazel, Baphomet, and now there is another one to add: Helel (means Lucifer in Hebrew- which seems to have a shit tonne of words for Lucifer!)

Helel play industrial black metal and play it bloody well. This French trio does not let up for the 27 minutes that this album is on for. They sing and scream in French, English and cod-Latin all in the same song, the guitars pick away out your brain like scalpels and the drumming! Jeeezzz! If it’s not programmed drumming then I’ll have whatever the drummer’s having!

The band sounds as if they are huge fans of J.G.Thirwell (Clint Ruin/ Foetus/Wiseblood) and it shows in the sampling, the keyboard sound and the overall vibe of the songs especially the title track which recalls Wiseblood’s song ‘0-0 Where Evil Dwells’,(off ‘Dirtdish’ which is another great album by the way.)

One other favourite moment is during the song ‘This Is Hel(e)l’ which starts off all industrial and metal and then around the two-minute mark it then proceeds to become a ‘happy hardcore’ dance track, without the happy part, and if you tried to do the ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ dance (look it up) then you’d end up with arms like Mr Tickle! Or Stretch Armstrong depending on your cultural reference.

Yet another very strong album from Debemur Morti and another one to return to again and again.


Moving Swiftly Along

It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve seemed to have doubled the people who now follow me (from 1 to 2!) and as I’ve already listened to 5 of the 20 cds I bought from Debemur Morti (and I’m currently devouring the sixth-though not in the literal sense!) I’d best get on and review what I’ve already listened to.


This album from Russian band Old Wainds clocks in at a whopping 35 minutes and is none the worse for it. This is a band I’m not familiar with but having listened to this several times  they certainly have gained a new fan. The trio play black metal (natch!) but with a thrash element in some of the songs especially the opening 3 numbers, and the production is pretty good too- you can actually hear the bass!

After the opening three song thrash/bm salvo, the band revert to a more melodic black metal sound and, whilst keeping the intensity of the opening tracks. But one of the best things about the album is the variety in the music. From blackened thrash to melodic bm to (a little) prog bm, Old Wainds show off their skills as musicians in creating a very good metal album. Halfway through the title track, it goes all slightly Enslaved-like (think proggy-ish guitar riffs) before picking the pace up again whilst a madman shouts at you in Russian.

Though the band are still active (as it appears on their Metal-Archives entry), this 2008 release is the last recorded album by the band (so far) and I’m hoping that a new album is available soon.



Clocking in at just a few seconds shy of 25 mins, this 4 track ep from France’s VI is a very visceral and vicious piece of black metal. Featuring two members of black metal band Aosoth, VI play a brand of raw satanic black metal that really gets the old blood flowing with titles like; Je me dresse devant le trône et j’attends mon jugement en crachant sur le livre de vie. (I rise before the throne and wait for my judgement while spitting on the book of life.)

The guitar playing is simple yet sharp and effective, the drums (despite being programmed) sound as if there is actually a human being the drum kit (or at least something humanesque!) . The only downside to the overall sound is the lack of a bass sound, which would have given the songs an even greater punch than they already have but that’s a minor quibble (from a bass player!) Also the use of choir sounds in certain parts of the songs adds a majestic and sometimes malevolent atmosphere at times, especially on the final track where the last four minutes are reminiscent of an Elend track!

The artwork is sublime, all red and black and all the text (ALL the text including the inside inlay) is written backwards making it a tad difficult to read and the song titles are in French too! Written backwards, obviously!

Again, another quality release from Debemur Morti, another band for me to check out and more proof that the devil really does have all the best tunes.