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I was at a loss as to what to write about once the World Cup had finished. I was racking my agile, little mind and looking back on the World Cup of Metal posts that I did (I’m such a narcissist!) and like a diamond-tipped bullet to the skull, I realised what I could write about….doom metal! There was quite a lot of doom acts featured in my posts and I loved the idea of discovering new bands from the far flung reaches of the globe, so I’m combining the two the bring you WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOMED! (or Doom All Over The World).

So using the ‘genre’ link on the Metal-Archives site and clicking on the ‘doom’ option, I’ll be wading through the 8,456 or so band links, listening to a couple of songs or so, posting links to their bandcamp/soundcloud/myspace/youtube/official page and bringing you my dear, sweet, loyal, psychotic readers some of my favourite acts from one of my favourite genres in metal.

First up is a Croatian band called (drama) who I’ve just discovered today (yay me!) and they have one album out entitled Zastor tisine which came out in 2010 although they are still active and according to their facebook page recently supported SubRosa in June of this year in Zagreb. All the songs are sung in their native language, which I’m guessing is going to be Croatian and this doesn’t take anything away from my enjoyment of the music, in fact I’d rather hear singers in their native tongue as I feel they can convey more emotion than singing in a ‘foreign’ tongue. Musically there’s some great melodic doom riffs and some pretty tasty solos as well making quite a number of the songs sound uplifting.


Staying in Europe but moving slightly westwards we arrive in Italy in the town of Brescia and to a band called (EchO) who’s album ‘Devoid of Illusions’ is available on Bandcamp and who are currently working on their follow up album. This six-piece play some great melodic death/doom metal, quite keyboard heavy and I love the mixing of the low guttural vocals and the clean vocals. There are some excellent songs on this album and I’m excited for the release of their second album, if your a fan of Swallow The Sun, Paradise Lost etc then you do need to check (Echo) out.




The final act in this post is from Sacramento, CA and are called (waning). This four-piece mixes doom, ambient, post-punk and shoegaze into their songs and whilst not the heaviest act I’ve featured (or will probably feature) the songs definitely have a doom-y quality to them and the contrast of the two vocalists (one male, one female) adds a little something different to the mix. (Waning)’s songs are more on the shoegaze-proggy side of things and are quite relaxing for the most part. A lighter, more gentle side of doom.









THE METAL WORLD CUP DAY TWELVE- still hating the seven nation army chant.

So this week is going to feature the final games in each group before the knockout stages. Some have already qualified (tek a boo Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Fucking Rica Ya Beauties- as they are now known in this household.), some have games that will determine who goes through (I’m looking at you Italy v Uruguay and Croatia v Mexico) and others that are going to either pure dogshit, absolute goalfests or just some pure, fucking magic violence (I’m definitely looking at you Honduras!)

This post is taking a while to write as the internet keeps drifting in and out (akin to my interest in the Iran/Nigeria game) and suddenly stopping for no reason. I think it’s this apartment I live in. I’ve a feeling the place is being haunted by Brad Delp; in fact it’s more than a feeling.



Moni Bile is an singer of a musical style called makossa, which is a type of funky, dance music and he was the top selling artist of this genre in the 1980’s.

Vulcano was the first Brazilian band to play ‘extreme’ metal all the way back in the halcyon days of 1981 and play straight up  thrash metal from those glorious days. At times it does sound a little generic but it’s done with a passion and a love for the genre that some of these little foibles can be overlooked for the most part.


verdict: A win or a draw for Brazil will see them through to the last 16 but depending on what the Croatia/Mexico result is, they may not finish top. Vulcano for the win.



Stribog are a Croatian black/folk metal band that employ the usual flutes, whistles and female vocals as other bands pedaling black/folk metal but what sets Stribog apart from most of the pack is the strength of their material. Just the right side of cheesiness  with the right amount of riffs, frantic drums, soaring female vocals to satisfy  even the most jaded fans of this genre.


Now here’s a thing: similar to Portugal’s Ironsword, I discovered Mexico’s Majestic Downfall whilst researching for the Metal World Cup 2014 and then I found out that Hell’s Headbangers distro were having a cd sale and both bands cds were on offer. So sometime after the world cup I’ll be reviewing both albums but in the meantime, MD play death/doom metal that can stand alongside the more well known exponents of this genre (Draconian, Isole,Daylight Dies) and from the clips I’ve heard on youtube, I’m more than excited to hear more from this band.


verdict: another tough call. Mexico just need to draw to qualify for the round of 16 and I think they have enough talent to do so. Majestic Downfall for the win (hopefully their name is not a portent of what is to come for Mexico!)

Next up is Group B in which the Netherlands and Chile have already qualified and will duke it out to see who faces… and the dead rubber match between Australia (Rule 1: Nah Pooftahs!) and the tiki-taka ex-experts that is Spain.



Australia: land of sunshine, surf, Bondi Beach, weak piss beer and throwing another shrimp on the barbie. (Strewth Bruce! How many cliches can you cram into this piece ya flaming goliah!) So how come all the bands I’ve featured for Australia play either introspective black metal or doom metal? Oh yeah, probably something to do with all those insects that are waiting to kill you (Oh, bonzer mate! Another bloody cliche, ya whinging Pom!) anyway, Mournful Congregation play the kind of funeral doom that makes mo moist in places that I didn’t know could get moist. (TMI?) Droning guitars, snail’s pace songs, deep, sonorous vocals and long songs that do not outstay there welcome. Highly recommended.


More one-man black metal band, this time from Spain. Hrizg is certainly prolific (2 albums and 2 ep’s in the space of three years) and whilst not the most unique band in the BM genre, Hrizg’s journey down some familiar territory is quite an enjoyable ride and a lot more fun than most bands in the genre.


verdict: With both teams playing for nothing but pride I predict an Australian win by six clear goals and a hat-trick from both Paul Hogan and Skippy!



Dodecahedron are a Dutch avant-garde black metal band similar in style to Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord and balance aggression, melody, atmosphere and brutality into creating some unsettling music. The music may not connect with you immediately but with repeated listens it slowly makes you realise how fantastic this band is.


Condenados are a Chilean doom metal band and judging from their debut album (‘A Painful Journey Into Nihil’) they are influenced by Candlemass and let’s face it, how many more bands do we need copying early Candlemass? Well, if they’re as good as Condenados we need as many as we can get!


verdict: this has draw written all over it. Two great teams and two great bands.



I could have been a professional footballer just like my father. He could have been a professional footballer too. *Silence. Tumbleweeds tumble past*. On with the show!



Richard Bona is a jazz bassist who has played with Bobby McFerrin and has released 7 studio albums of mellow jazz fusion which sometimes can stray into muzak.

S.o.M (which stands for Sons of Medjimurje.) hail from Croatia  and are currently a three piece folk/doom metal act. The pace is slow, the guitars toll like church bells and the vocals (both male and female) are filled with heartbreak and loss.


Verdict: Predictably,  Croatia take this one.



Elysian Blaze is another one man black funeral doom act from Oz (must be something in the water) and is one of the most consistent acts, in terms of output, around today. Each album release has seen the production, the musicianship and, more importantly the songwriting improve no end and this results in more grandiose and epic songs as featured below:


Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren have probably provided us with the most ‘whatthefuckery?’ moment of this blog! The music is in a similar vein to Dimmu Borgir and Cradle etc, but it’s the video that has the most ‘WTF?’-moments-per-minute since I first saw the Black Satans’ videos that really stands out. I like the band, I like the music but sometimes you can understand why most of the metal videos I’ve posted are just pictures of album covers or band photos!


Verdict: Elysian Blaze win it for the Aussies but by jingo the video for Carach Angren is a comedy masterpiece!



You want fast, hard, brutal, extreme death metal? Then look no further than Spain’s Teitanblood. Honestly this is just vicious, face ripping stuff that is just sick and nasty! Enjoy!


Some more nasty, death metal courtesy of Chilean band Thy Serpent’s Cult. Nasty riffing, ferocious drumming and some great death growls shows that this band can hold their own with their more illustrious counterparts from ‘el Norte’.


verdict: Thy Serpent’s Cult are great but Teitanblood just cranks it up nastier, faster, filthier, harsher, so victory to the Spanairds!


A One Way Ticket To Hellenbach

So you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and what’s been happening in the crazy, rock and roll lifestyle that I call my life. Well, for you happy few, you band of warriors (well one-man band of warriors), you who are curious, you who seek wisdom and the rest of you nosey bastards; I’ve been ill. I wouldn’t say I was at Death’s Door but I am now well acquainted with Death’s Patio Furniture. And it is true when they say that the Devil finds work for idle hands to do. Not only did He have me cutting his lawn, he also had me grouting his bathroom tiles and alphabetising his whole cd collection (and boy, is there some great tunes in there!) Bloody lazy sod that he is. And if that wasn’t enough (and for Him, it wasn’t) I also had to plant and tend to his fig trees (because we all know how much fig trees and figs annoys Him Upstairs:

“And so it was written that the Lord saw the figs and tasted of the fruit and and became mightly vexed and spake ‘Christ on a Pogostick! What is this shit? It feels like someone’s took a dump in my mouth! I curse you fruit! And all your descendents that come after you! For you are foul to the taste and none shall eat of thee without feeling nauseous and slightly queasy. For I am the Creator of this planet and all My creations shall be perfect! And there will be no imperfection here! For I have spaken!’

Anyway, enough of this guff and onto the post.

Spring has sprung and sumer is icumen in and a young man’s fancy turns to the World Cup! As Ira Gershwin once wrote “I’ve got soccer, I’ve got metal, I’ve got the World Cup who could ask for anything more?” So here’s the deal-io:

I’m going to be posting every day (or every day there’s a game on) and will be featuring metal bands from the countries who are playing that day, so there will at least 3 different bands from the 28 of the 32 countries taking part (more about the missing four countries when we get to them!). I’ll be selecting the bands from the ‘countries’ section of the Metal Archives site http://www.metal-archives.com/ (linking it in the post) and a youtube link to one of their songs. The bands still have to be active (as per status on M.A.) and I’m not going to go for the ‘well-known’ bands but try to post about acts that I have no clue about (which shouldn’t be too difficult!) and together we’ll discover some great new music. Andiamo!




MCT are a Brazilian doom/death/black metal band that have released four stunning albums and are probably one of the best kept secrets in the metal world. This track is taken from their latest album ‘Immemorial’



JWP are from Samobor, Croatia and play progressive/avant-garde black metal and play it bloody well! One of the many progressive/avant garde/experimental BM bands that I’ll be featuring in the coming weeks. This is ‘I Am The Forest’ taken from their 2011 album ‘Escape of Pozoj.


So enjoy the World Cup, enjoy the music and (hopefully) enjoy my posts!