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Strange and unsettling scenes occurred at the Brazilian press conference to announce the line-up for the Brazil squad to face the Netherlands for the 3rd/4th Place Play Off this Saturday.  Behind the advertising board noises of a scuffle were heard and the voice of Big Phil Scolari  shouting “7-1!! 7-Bloody-1!!!!! And that were an own goal!” before the sounds of an antique clock being hurled through a window and then Big Phil being unceremoniously shoved out towards the waiting throng of sports writers and journalists. Casting the evil eye over his shoulder to some unseen adversaries behind the screen, Big Phil regained his composure, sat down in front of the microphones, cleared his throat and then announced the Brazil team he had picked for Saturday’s match.

“Haggerty F, Haggerty R, Tomkins, Noble, Carrick, Dobson, Dewhurst, Crapper, McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt.  Substitutes: Ferris, Codren, Davis, Sullivan, O’Grady, Kembell and Hacker.”

And without waiting for the bemused reporters to gather their thoughts and ask any questions, Big Phil was off like a flash leaving the voice of Al Dvorin’s ghost to intone “Ladies and gentlemen, Big Phil has left the building………thank you and goodnight.”



With lyrical themes of the Hyborian Age and band members named Anderson Stormruler(drums), HardRocker (bass) and Arquimedes666 (on guitar and vocals) what’s not to like about this Brazilian epic heavy metal band? The playing is enthusiastic, the songs rock as you would expect epic heavy metal would and it has a very ‘Bathory’ feel to the production which gladdens the soul of this old fart no end. Thoth Amon only have one demo out at the moment but hopefully more will be heard from this band.


Taking their name from the the point were the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath meet, (just to the northwest of Mordor if you ever fancy hiking it one day), Cirith Gorgor are yet another black metal band taking their name from one of Tolkien’s book (The Lord of the Rings for those clueless amongst us) and although some of their early lyrical themes featured LOTR, most of their later stuff is about war. In fact their last album (Der Untergang…) is a concept album, in three parts, about the war on the Eastern front during World War Two and it is an excellent slab of black metal, with some great vocals, brilliant drumming and fantastic, cold riffing. Quality black metal in all departments.


verdict: Musically the Netherlands win this one with an excellent BM band in Cirith Gorgor, however on the field Brazil may just win it especially if Davitt scores one with the back of his from 28 yards like he did against Barnsley reserves.


thanks to the Kubrick on the Guillotine blog for having the scoop on Big Phil’s line up and to the Earth Abides blog for the lowdown on the substitutes.


So here we are at the final four of the 2014 World Cup. These four teams will be last teams featured on this blog and so I’ve chosen eight bands that I think you’re going to enjoy.  Today’s game features two of the most dominant teams in World Cup history: Brazil, with seven appearances and five victories and Germany also with seven appearances but only three victories. A victory for either side will give them an unprecedented eighth appearance in World Cup Finals history. Brazil has never won the trophy as a host nation (they were runners up in 1950) and no European team has ever won the World Cup when it has been held in the Americas, so sit back and relax and watch a game that could have more twists and turns than a M.Night Shyamalan movie. (fun fact: M.Night Shaymalan has a sister called Whoablackbetty)



Statik Majik, who take there name from a Cathedral ep, are a trio (who’ve now expanded to a four piece but all the albums are as a trio) who play heavy metal with a stoner doom vibe especially on the earlier releases. Excellent production, huge heavy riffs, a fantastic guitar sound and an great vocalist in Thiago Neves makes Statik Majik produce some great songs that will keep many a headbanger happy. Check ’em out!


Now there are many metal bands out there that owe a great thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard et al and I know I’ve featured a few on here during this World Cup blog, however I’ve yet to discover a band influenced by Douglas Adams and his seminal work ‘The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy’ (if you know any different please let me know in the comments section) so I was delighted to discover Slartibartfass (the German translation of Slartibartfast, the Magrathian who designed the Norwegian fjords) who play Viking folk metal with a passion and flair and some nice experimentation that would bring a smile to even the most hardened of Vogon faces. There more than enough viking/pagan/folk metal to satisfy fans of the genre but the band also take some risks and for the most part they pay off making the listening experience all the more enjoyable.


verdict: without Neymar and Thiago Silva I feel that the Brazilians will not be able to contain the Germans and it’s Die Mannschaft who will progress to the final.



THE WORLD CUP OF METAL DAY TWENTY- Crashing Starships into Planets

So here we are in the years, well the Quarter-Finals at least and we have two European powerhouses facing off once again, as they have so many times (mainly in the early 20th Century-you may have read about it or seen programmes about it on the Hitler History Channel) and two South American teams that both play in yellow, have two of the most talked about young players of the tournament (Neymar and Rodriguez), have fanatical fans and crushing poverty with soccer being the only way out for many youngsters. Wow! Look at that! Some actual football talk and not a hint or sign of crappy jokes. Allez!



Hamka are a female fronted symphonic power metal band that feature ‘ethnic’ music influences. They play very strong, powerful ‘power metal’ and are a quite enjoyable listen.


I discovered Schattenbrandung on Bandcamp, and they play a very impressive style of black/doom metal. Angry, harsh, doomy and with some progressive Enslaved-ish elements makes this debut album a must for black/doom metal lovers. There’s only two videos on Youtube, a 5 minute teaser and one for the whole album. I’m posting the teaser and if you like it play the album then click the Bandcamp link and buy the damn thing!



verdict: I had the Germans as my pick to win this whole thing, so I’m going for them to advance to the Semi’s and Schattenbrandung win this round musically.



HellLight are a Brazilian Funeral doom band that are just fantastic. Strong playing, excellent vocals and a great penchant for covers that reminds me of Type O Negative make HellLight a great doom band for you to enjoy.


Luciferian Werewolfs are a duo playing raw black metal and it is very raw, and possibly they may be a little NSBM for my tastes (judging from the images) but as they sing in Spanish, have bad production and the words are screamed rather than sung, I’ve no idea what’s being said. Still the name’s cool, if slightly misspelt.


verdict: On the field I’d love Colombia to win and progress to the semis however I think Brazil have enough guile (read: dirty, diving cheats) to win. Musically HellLight, no competition.

THE METAL WORLD CUP DAY TWELVE- still hating the seven nation army chant.

So this week is going to feature the final games in each group before the knockout stages. Some have already qualified (tek a boo Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Fucking Rica Ya Beauties- as they are now known in this household.), some have games that will determine who goes through (I’m looking at you Italy v Uruguay and Croatia v Mexico) and others that are going to either pure dogshit, absolute goalfests or just some pure, fucking magic violence (I’m definitely looking at you Honduras!)

This post is taking a while to write as the internet keeps drifting in and out (akin to my interest in the Iran/Nigeria game) and suddenly stopping for no reason. I think it’s this apartment I live in. I’ve a feeling the place is being haunted by Brad Delp; in fact it’s more than a feeling.



Moni Bile is an singer of a musical style called makossa, which is a type of funky, dance music and he was the top selling artist of this genre in the 1980’s.

Vulcano was the first Brazilian band to play ‘extreme’ metal all the way back in the halcyon days of 1981 and play straight up  thrash metal from those glorious days. At times it does sound a little generic but it’s done with a passion and a love for the genre that some of these little foibles can be overlooked for the most part.


verdict: A win or a draw for Brazil will see them through to the last 16 but depending on what the Croatia/Mexico result is, they may not finish top. Vulcano for the win.



Stribog are a Croatian black/folk metal band that employ the usual flutes, whistles and female vocals as other bands pedaling black/folk metal but what sets Stribog apart from most of the pack is the strength of their material. Just the right side of cheesiness  with the right amount of riffs, frantic drums, soaring female vocals to satisfy  even the most jaded fans of this genre.


Now here’s a thing: similar to Portugal’s Ironsword, I discovered Mexico’s Majestic Downfall whilst researching for the Metal World Cup 2014 and then I found out that Hell’s Headbangers distro were having a cd sale and both bands cds were on offer. So sometime after the world cup I’ll be reviewing both albums but in the meantime, MD play death/doom metal that can stand alongside the more well known exponents of this genre (Draconian, Isole,Daylight Dies) and from the clips I’ve heard on youtube, I’m more than excited to hear more from this band.


verdict: another tough call. Mexico just need to draw to qualify for the round of 16 and I think they have enough talent to do so. Majestic Downfall for the win (hopefully their name is not a portent of what is to come for Mexico!)

Next up is Group B in which the Netherlands and Chile have already qualified and will duke it out to see who faces… and the dead rubber match between Australia (Rule 1: Nah Pooftahs!) and the tiki-taka ex-experts that is Spain.



Australia: land of sunshine, surf, Bondi Beach, weak piss beer and throwing another shrimp on the barbie. (Strewth Bruce! How many cliches can you cram into this piece ya flaming goliah!) So how come all the bands I’ve featured for Australia play either introspective black metal or doom metal? Oh yeah, probably something to do with all those insects that are waiting to kill you (Oh, bonzer mate! Another bloody cliche, ya whinging Pom!) anyway, Mournful Congregation play the kind of funeral doom that makes mo moist in places that I didn’t know could get moist. (TMI?) Droning guitars, snail’s pace songs, deep, sonorous vocals and long songs that do not outstay there welcome. Highly recommended.


More one-man black metal band, this time from Spain. Hrizg is certainly prolific (2 albums and 2 ep’s in the space of three years) and whilst not the most unique band in the BM genre, Hrizg’s journey down some familiar territory is quite an enjoyable ride and a lot more fun than most bands in the genre.


verdict: With both teams playing for nothing but pride I predict an Australian win by six clear goals and a hat-trick from both Paul Hogan and Skippy!



Dodecahedron are a Dutch avant-garde black metal band similar in style to Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord and balance aggression, melody, atmosphere and brutality into creating some unsettling music. The music may not connect with you immediately but with repeated listens it slowly makes you realise how fantastic this band is.


Condenados are a Chilean doom metal band and judging from their debut album (‘A Painful Journey Into Nihil’) they are influenced by Candlemass and let’s face it, how many more bands do we need copying early Candlemass? Well, if they’re as good as Condenados we need as many as we can get!


verdict: this has draw written all over it. Two great teams and two great bands.


The Metal World Cup Day Six (One Six)

Only one bad game out of fourteen so far, I like them odds! Today we more on to the last two first round games and the start of the second round of group matches.



Belgium, land of chocolate, beer (so much beer!), statues of little boys pissing (maybe because of all that beer) and some damn fine metal bands. Emptiness are a black/death metal band that feature a couple of members of Enthroned (another band worth checking out) and like to create a feeling of unease throughout their music.


Rivergate are an Algerian progressive metal band that mixes elements of folk, power and symphonic metal  and have released and ep entitled ‘Enter The Gate’. Despite the poor production, the quality of the songwriting and the musicianship really shines through and if a major labe took a chance with them, then great things await Rivergate. Check them out!




Leshak (the English name) are a Russian folk/death metal band whose lyrics mainly focus on Slavonic culture and mythology and are a very enjoyable band in a very over-saturated genre.


One of the reasons for doing these posts was to discover new metal music from countries I did not know had metal scenes. Case in point, Gostwind. a South Korean six piece that fuses metal with traditional Korean instruments. A first the sound of the Korean instruments can be a little jarring mixed in with the more ‘trad’ metal sound but after a while the sound gels together really well and the quality of the band shines through. A band to feature later in a separate post.


and now the second round of group matches begins today with:



Cangaco are a Brazilian death metal band with Brazilian folk influences in their music. They do like to throw the odd curveball or two into their songs by featuring quiet, acoustic passages and unusual guitar strumming/picking and the vibe is more ‘prog’-ish than death at times and that for a much more interesting and enjoyable listen fro me.


Hurakan are a one man black metal band from Mexico featuring a guy called Gucumatz and used to go under the name of Thanatos and he plays raw, uncompromising black metal that also features sounds from nature (rivers flowing, birds chirping, etc) alongside traditional folk instruments. This seems to be a feature for Gucumatz judging by previous releases as you’ll discover if you click the links!



A One Way Ticket To Hellenbach

So you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and what’s been happening in the crazy, rock and roll lifestyle that I call my life. Well, for you happy few, you band of warriors (well one-man band of warriors), you who are curious, you who seek wisdom and the rest of you nosey bastards; I’ve been ill. I wouldn’t say I was at Death’s Door but I am now well acquainted with Death’s Patio Furniture. And it is true when they say that the Devil finds work for idle hands to do. Not only did He have me cutting his lawn, he also had me grouting his bathroom tiles and alphabetising his whole cd collection (and boy, is there some great tunes in there!) Bloody lazy sod that he is. And if that wasn’t enough (and for Him, it wasn’t) I also had to plant and tend to his fig trees (because we all know how much fig trees and figs annoys Him Upstairs:

“And so it was written that the Lord saw the figs and tasted of the fruit and and became mightly vexed and spake ‘Christ on a Pogostick! What is this shit? It feels like someone’s took a dump in my mouth! I curse you fruit! And all your descendents that come after you! For you are foul to the taste and none shall eat of thee without feeling nauseous and slightly queasy. For I am the Creator of this planet and all My creations shall be perfect! And there will be no imperfection here! For I have spaken!’

Anyway, enough of this guff and onto the post.

Spring has sprung and sumer is icumen in and a young man’s fancy turns to the World Cup! As Ira Gershwin once wrote “I’ve got soccer, I’ve got metal, I’ve got the World Cup who could ask for anything more?” So here’s the deal-io:

I’m going to be posting every day (or every day there’s a game on) and will be featuring metal bands from the countries who are playing that day, so there will at least 3 different bands from the 28 of the 32 countries taking part (more about the missing four countries when we get to them!). I’ll be selecting the bands from the ‘countries’ section of the Metal Archives site http://www.metal-archives.com/ (linking it in the post) and a youtube link to one of their songs. The bands still have to be active (as per status on M.A.) and I’m not going to go for the ‘well-known’ bands but try to post about acts that I have no clue about (which shouldn’t be too difficult!) and together we’ll discover some great new music. Andiamo!




MCT are a Brazilian doom/death/black metal band that have released four stunning albums and are probably one of the best kept secrets in the metal world. This track is taken from their latest album ‘Immemorial’



JWP are from Samobor, Croatia and play progressive/avant-garde black metal and play it bloody well! One of the many progressive/avant garde/experimental BM bands that I’ll be featuring in the coming weeks. This is ‘I Am The Forest’ taken from their 2011 album ‘Escape of Pozoj.


So enjoy the World Cup, enjoy the music and (hopefully) enjoy my posts!