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Yesterday South Africa booked their ticket into the semi-finals after beating Sri Lanka by 9 wickets. Their reward is a match against the winners of the New Zealand/West Indies. Who’s next to book themselves a semi-final spot? Let’s find out!


If you read yesterday’s piece, you’ll have seen my bit about how the ‘less well known’ metal nations have a smaller pool talent and sometimes it’s difficult to find good bands. Well…….I’m a fucking idiot and I’d like to retract my statement!

Cryptic Fate have been around since 1993 and play a powerful mixture of heavy metal with thrash elements and some proggy moments. The current members of Cryptic Fate have been together since the band formed, which is somewhat of a rarity these days. The songs are great to headbang and air guitar along to, the vocalist, Chowdhury Fazle Shakib, has a great, powerful range and the harmonies are some of the best this side of Iron Maiden. Good old fashioned heavy metal but in no way derivative.



From Bangalore (I know a salty song about a girl from there) comes stoner/doom band Bevar Sea (pronounced Bay-var Sea) and man, what a fucking trip they are!  Blatant Sabbath/St. Vitus/Trouble worshiping is on display and man does it feel good! Infectious riffs, interstellar guitar solos and some seriously grooving songs makes Bevar Sea’s debut album, ‘Bevar Sea’, worthy of buying. Check it out on bandcamp.



PREDICTION: India was undefeated in the Pool matches and I cannot see anything changing here against a good, but not spectacular Bangladeshi team. Musically, I’m torn. I love me some stoner/doom and Bevar Sea ticks all the boxes for me though Cryptic Fate are no slouches either, playing some terrific thrash-influenced heavy metal that makes me punch the air. After much consideration I’m going for Bevar Sea….just! And when it comes to ‘leeser known’ metal nations and a small talent pool, I’ll keep my mouth firmly shut!




As we rush headlong into the final matches of the first round it’s all very exciting and tight at the top of Pool B with three teams vying for two spots and one match being a ‘win and you’re in’ kind of thingy……….so it’s a shame that we’re featuring two games from Pool A today, which has already been deceided.


Lysithia are a melodic/doom metal band who, before singer Mike Wilson joined, were a one man instrumental act (Mike Lamb). The addition of a vocalist (who also plays guitar) has expanded the band’s sound and songwriting style. Reminiscent of Daylight Dies, Draconian and all those other classic melodic/doom bands out there. Very highly recommended.



I’m not a huge fan of one man depressive black metal outfits but Mourning Hours. who is also a member of Brajangngana, and his music is a lot more tuneful and well produced than a lot of ONDBM acts out there, the songwriting is very strong and the vocals aren’t too off-putting for this genre.


PREDICTION: It’s more than likely that New Zealand will win this and keep up there 100% record in this tournament, although if Bangladesh they could leapfrog into second place and get an easier quarter-final opponent. Musically, I was very surprised and impressed with Mourning Hours and his take on Depressive Black Metal but again melodic/doom metal wins the day so go check out Lysithea.



I was sort of mistaken last time when I said that there were only 2 Afghani rock/metal bands out there. It seems there are now three: (from Wikipedia) White City is progressive/punk/rock band, based in Kabul, Afghanistan. The current line-up consists of Ruth Owen (UK), formerly from the England based band Echobelly, on bass and lead vocals, Travis Beard (Australia) on guitar and backing vocals and Andreas Stefansson (Sweden) on drums and backing vocals. The music has a ‘Brit-Pop’/rock feel to it and it’s very pleasant and Ruth Owen’s voice reminds me a little bit of Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders……which is nice.

For today’s England selection, I will be choosing a Welsh band. Why? Well the ECB (England’s governing cricket body) is actual the English and Welsh Cricket Board so it seems only fair that a band from the principalities gets featured and what a doozy we have for you!  Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard play psychedelic sludge doom metal, as if you couldn’t get from the name! They have a one-track 30-min ep out available on bandcamp and a glorious sludge-y doom trip it is! Fuzzy guitars, big riffs and being heavier than a really heavy thing with a heavy thing on top of it. Music to be played really fucking loud as the psilocybin ‘shrooms kick in!



PREDICTION: Musically the mad Welshmen win it, however on the field I would love to see Afghanistan beat England at cricket just for shits and giggles and to make their World Cup misery complete. But that probably won’t happen, so England for the (undeserved) win.


english sporting prowess


From the ashes of one of the U.K.’s best black metal acts, Akercocke, comes Voices which features David Gray (no, not that one!), Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes to carry on and re-interpret the sound of their previous band, featuring lyrics and ideas that have less to do with satanism and sex and more to do with jealousy, relationships……………..and sex! Progressive death metal with touches of black and plenty of melody and atmosphere. If you’re missing Akercocke, then Voices will fill that void for you quite nicely.



From Bangladesh comes a band who’s name I’ve no idea how to pronounce but I can tell you that they play melodic black metal and their lyrics are solely focused on the Southern region and about it’s myths and traditions. The name “brajangngana” was taken from a Michael Madhusudan Dutt poem. It’s translated meaning is “one of Braja’s milkmaids who was enamored with Krishna.”


PREDICTION: England’s one solitary victory in this tournament came against Scotland and they’ve lost to the top 3 teams in Pool A. Bangladesh occupy the fourth spot and even if England do beat them today, they would still be a point behind their opponents and it would all result on the last game. England will face Afghanistan and Bangladesh will take on New Zealand, England could still grab fourth spot, having theoretically the easier match. It’s important for both sides today to win (sporting cliche #214), however I feel that Bangladesh will have a little too much for England and will snuff out any hope England have of qualifying.

Musically, Voices just edges out Brajangngana because of my love of a little bit of ‘Cocke! (Waaaa-haaaay!)


Scotland's national sporting trophy

Scotland’s national sporting trophy

With 3 games left to play (and all 3 against teams who are going to be in the knockout stages of the tournament) it looks like Scotland will be the proud recipients of the coveted Wooden Spoon award for Pool A and quite possibly for the entire tournament as U.A.E seem to have a better scoring record.

So as I have just 3 bands left to feature I better make them good ones, and I think I’ve struck gold with this one!


From the dour and dreek streets of the nation’s capital comes an excellent one man atmospheric black metal act, Bron and his 2014 demo ‘Fogradh’, a single 28-minute track that is one of the best tracks I’ve heard for a while. The main thing about the song is the keyboards which gives the whole mid-tempo black metal song a very grandiose and cosmic feel and the production is very, very good for a demo. Check out his bandcamp page for download details.



From Dhaka, come melodic death metal act Hallucination. The riffs are really good and the drumming is great I just have a problem getting used to the vocals, there a little to treble-y for me, but still enjoyable no the less.


PREDICTION: On the field I’m afraid to say that Bonnie Scotland will get their arses felt and Bangladesh will take another step closer to one of the top 4 places that guarantees progress. Musically, however, I am a huge fan of one-man-atmospheric-black-metal bands and Bron’s demo is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a many a long time. Slainte!