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As we rush headlong into the final matches of the first round it’s all very exciting and tight at the top of Pool B with three teams vying for two spots and one match being a ‘win and you’re in’ kind of thingy……….so it’s a shame that we’re featuring two games from Pool A today, which has already been deceided.


Lysithia are a melodic/doom metal band who, before singer Mike Wilson joined, were a one man instrumental act (Mike Lamb). The addition of a vocalist (who also plays guitar) has expanded the band’s sound and songwriting style. Reminiscent of Daylight Dies, Draconian and all those other classic melodic/doom bands out there. Very highly recommended.



I’m not a huge fan of one man depressive black metal outfits but Mourning Hours. who is also a member of Brajangngana, and his music is a lot more tuneful and well produced than a lot of ONDBM acts out there, the songwriting is very strong and the vocals aren’t too off-putting for this genre.


PREDICTION: It’s more than likely that New Zealand will win this and keep up there 100% record in this tournament, although if Bangladesh they could leapfrog into second place and get an easier quarter-final opponent. Musically, I was very surprised and impressed with Mourning Hours and his take on Depressive Black Metal but again melodic/doom metal wins the day so go check out Lysithea.



I was sort of mistaken last time when I said that there were only 2 Afghani rock/metal bands out there. It seems there are now three: (from Wikipedia) White City is progressive/punk/rock band, based in Kabul, Afghanistan. The current line-up consists of Ruth Owen (UK), formerly from the England based band Echobelly, on bass and lead vocals, Travis Beard (Australia) on guitar and backing vocals and Andreas Stefansson (Sweden) on drums and backing vocals. The music has a ‘Brit-Pop’/rock feel to it and it’s very pleasant and Ruth Owen’s voice reminds me a little bit of Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders……which is nice.

For today’s England selection, I will be choosing a Welsh band. Why? Well the ECB (England’s governing cricket body) is actual the English and Welsh Cricket Board so it seems only fair that a band from the principalities gets featured and what a doozy we have for you!  Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard play psychedelic sludge doom metal, as if you couldn’t get from the name! They have a one-track 30-min ep out available on bandcamp and a glorious sludge-y doom trip it is! Fuzzy guitars, big riffs and being heavier than a really heavy thing with a heavy thing on top of it. Music to be played really fucking loud as the psilocybin ‘shrooms kick in!



PREDICTION: Musically the mad Welshmen win it, however on the field I would love to see Afghanistan beat England at cricket just for shits and giggles and to make their World Cup misery complete. But that probably won’t happen, so England for the (undeserved) win.



Just got back from playing frisbee in the park with my dog. It was crap. I’m going to need a flatter dog. Though I did teach my dog to play the trumpet on the London Underground recently. We went from Barking to Tooting in about an hour.

We’re fair cracking through this tournament! 2 more games from Pool A, with the second one being the more intriguing of the two.


A one-man-atmospheric-doom metal band from NZ who wears his Opeth, My Dying Bride, Anathema and Katatonia influences on his sleeve yet can still sound fresh and exciting. Are you feeling moist yet? Are you getting tingly down in your nether regions? I know I am!



As previously mentioned there’s not many rock/metal bands in Afghanistan so here’s “Ghar Aya Mera Pardesi” performed on Rubab by Humayun Sakhi,

PREDICTION: Do I really need to tell you?



Every day is Australia day
“Sons and Daughters” and “Home and Away”
And then the news comes on and the sound goes down
‘Cos she can’t be bothered with all them politicians
They’re all just a bunch of flaming drongos. – ‘A Country Practice’, Half Man Half Biscuit.

They come from a land down under, they’re named after a GS!YBE song and they play some wonderful, thrilling atmospheric post-black metal. They are Hope Drone and they’re another act who I’ve got to check out (That list of mine is getting longer and longer!) I think that the atmospheric black metal/post-metal/shoegaze/drone genre hits the mark for me, I just turn off my mind, relax and float downstream.




From Sri Lanka comes a melodic black/thrash metal act called Unholy Sermon and what a great band they are! Excellent riffs, some great tempo changes during the songs and some killer bm vocals all add up to one unholy but amazing racket of glorious headbanging tunes!



PREDICTION: Two very strong sides who will most likely feature in the semi-finals, if not the final of this tournament. It’s difficult to choose between the two but I’ll give the slight edge to the home side, Australia. As for the music, again it’s a difficult choice. Unholy Sermon’s album was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be and it’s great for headbanging around the house to, but Hope Drone just beat them out because their songs and melodies send me to a happier place.





So the big, ginormous, colossal game today is Game 17 featuring the two powerhouses of the cricketing world- Afghanistan and Scotland! Seriously, they both have cricket teams! I know, right! Anyway, both teams have played two games and lost two games, so in today’s match someone is going to be picking up their first two points of the tournament! And if that is not getting you moist in the gusset to tune in towatch (Cthulhu knows what TV channels in the States are showing this, or any other cricket matches!) then I truly despair of you all!


District Unknown are the only metal band featured on the metal-archives site and given the current turmoil, religiosity and so forth of the region, I’m actually surprised that there is a metal band in Afghanistan at all! The band call their music ‘Psychedelic Metal’ and it certainly has a more hard rock vibe than metal sound, in some places with the occasional nod to Incubus etc but all things considered, District Unknown are quite a good up and coming band.


In the past two years one-man act Saor has released two of my favourite albums of the past decade. One-man Atmospheric/Folk/Black Metal, you say? Count me the fuck in! Expansive, expressive, exhilarating, this is music to get the blood pumping through the veins and you climb the mountains and monroes of Alba whilst waitng for the Jacobites to come free the land 😉  Seriously, check this guy out, he is amazing.



PREDICTION: While both teams lost their first two matches, I feel that Afghanistan might just shade this one. Their bowling against Sri Lanka was immense and if they play with the same intensity then I fear for the Scottish batsmen, who have been quite anemic in the two games played. Musically, well that’s a different tale. Saor win this hands down.