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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post but I tried viewing the eclipse through a colander. I think I’ve strained my eyes.


Shallow Grave are an atmospheric sludge/doom metal band from NZ and by jingo, are they heavy! Huge face melting riffs, a menacing rhythm section and vocals that are shouted at you by a deranged, pissed off man. The atmosphere that they go for here is mayhem and destruction and they certain succeed on that level. Harsh, uncompromising, nasty sludge/doom metal at it’s best.

Aquilus is a one man black metal act that is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill OMBM bands. Mixing black metal, folk, acoustic passages and orchestral passages into one huge epic, outstanding, cinematic piece of music. A lot of his music wouldn’t sound out of place in a film, so grandiose and sweeping are some parts of this album and yet the metal is also supremely played that it doesn’t sound out of place next to the quiet, acoustic moments. An utterly amazing album that has to be heard in full to be truly appreciated.

PREDICTION: I’ve got no dog in this fight, both my teams (England and Scotland) were home before the postcards and so I don’t really mind who wins this final. Both teams (and co-hosts) have played great cricket and their Pool A match was a great display of bowling by both sides. Australia have already won this competition four times and will be looking to win it on home soil against their Antipodean neighbours (#everybody needs good neighbours!#) and the same is true of NZ. It’ll be their first World Cup Final appearance and to win it against the Aussies and in Melbourne will be extra special for them. However, despite their Pool A 1 wicket win in February, I fear that New Zealand will not have the firepower to overcome Australia and I can see a fifth World Cup title for Green Baggies.

Musically, although I love Shallow Grave and their self-titled album, just the sheer range, depth and beauty of Aquilus’ music makes him the winner of this contest.


A big thank you to everyone who has read these blog posts. I’ll be back in this format in September when the Rugby World Cup starts. The usual suspects will be there as well as Canada, USA, Romania, Italy, Georgia, Samoa, Argentina, Fiji, Tonga, Japan and Namibia, so I’ll be featuring metal bands from those countries as well as England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, NZ, SA, France, Uruguay and South Africa. I hope you can join me again. I will be posting, hopefully once a week before then but for now I’m off to bone up on my knowledge of the Namibian, Fijian, Samoan and Tongan metal/rock scene!


The second semi-final of the Cricket World Cup features two sides who between them have won the last four World Cups (Australia with 3 and India are the current holders) and had fairly easy quarter final wins over poor opponents.


Hailing from Brisbane, Australia comes one-man-ambient-atmospheric-black metal act Afterwalker (D.P. Pearce) and if you’re familiar with fellow Brisbane resident Dis Pater and his Midnight Odyssey act, then you’ll know what the music will sound like. And that’s a good thing because after M.O, Afterwalker has become one of my favourite ambient BM bands in a while. Pearce’s playing on the albums is superb, there never feels like there is a wasted note and he does have some catchy songs up his sleeve, even the 20+ minute songs never seem to outstay their welcome and all 3 of his albums are worth checking out ob his bandcamp page.If you’re into OMAABM acts then you must check out Afterwalker.

Death/doom metal act Dormant Inferno hail from India and are signed to the ever impressive Transcending Obscurity India label. Their take on the genre is more doom than death, all quiet intros, bass runs and staccatto guitar notes before the song kicks in and off they go at a snail’s pace, and the vocals veer from a harsh, almost bm-style  to a more lower ‘doom’ sound.

PREDICTION: Both sides have been here before and both sides will be looking to make yet another finals appearance against co-host nation, and finalist virgin, New Zealand. Current holders India will be looking to repeat and keep their hands on the trophy, whilst Australia will be looking for revenge for their Feb 28th one wicket defeat in the Pool A game vs NZ. This will be a close, thrilling contest; both sides are capable of putting up big runs and have bowlers that can keep the batsmen quiet. In the end I do believe that home field advantage will see the Aussies through to their seventh Cricket World Cup Final, but it’ll be a cracker of a game!

Musically, I got to give it to Afterwalker. Midnight Odyssey comparisons aside, the music is some of the most enjoyable, from that genre, I’ve heard in a while.





Something a little different for y’all today, industrial/doom metal by a band named Dying of the Light. The sound is post-industrial Godflesh worship, with nods to Head of David (Justin Broderick’s previous band) and also pays respects to Wiseblood , a Clint Ruin Foetus album in all but name. The songs are relatively short (no longer than 5 minutes) and very catchy in the same way that herpes is catchy. If you enjoy your industrial doom heavy and bleak then Dying of the Light could be the band for you.

Throne Below is a one-man BM act from South Africa who’s debut album, ‘Defy Deceit Destroy’, is a solidly enjoyable slice of 2nd wave black metal mixed with the multicultural influences of the BM sound today, alongside a production that actually lets you hear all the damn instruments! A great debut album and hopefully there is more to come from this guy in the future.

PREDICTION: After Martin Guptill’s 237 n.o. in the quarter finals over the West Indies, New Zealand will be hoping for another big performance from their batsmen over a fully rested South Africa, who barely broke into a sweat when defeating Sri Lanka six days ago. This will be a tough game, both sides are capable of big numbers and their bowlers are capable of shutting down batsmen so I believe that home field advantage will decide this game, with the Kiwis winning a close one. Musically, I’m going to pick Dying of the Light over Throne Below but only just. Both acts are fantastic and deserve wider exposure, check them out!



The last quarter-final match is playing tonight and after South Africa, India and Australia all through to the semi finals it’s left to either co-host New Zealand or the West Indies who may or may not be with talisman batsman Chris Gayle.


Up first is New Zealand band The House of Capricorn and their take on alternative stoner doom. The riffs are aggressive, the vocals gruff and angry and the songs rock harder than a bear with rocks. The band certainly know how to pace an album mixing in the occasional doom-paced track in between the faster QOTSA-styled songs.

It’s been quite difficult finding metal or even rock bands from the Caribbean, the music scene is mainly reggae, dancehall or syrupy pop acts, so it’s always good to find a band that will fit this blog piece. Standing Penance are from Barbados and play alternative metal/hard rock with some great vocals and even better harmonies. It’s good stuff if not exactly groundbreaking but enjoyable nonetheless.

PREDICTION: New Zealand will take the final place in the semi-finals. The West Indies have been to inconsistent in the tournament and were fortunate to get into the quarter finals.

Musically, The House of Capricorn win this thanks to there refreshing upbeat take on stoner/doom.



After last night’s win over Bangladesh, India’s semi-final opponents will be the victor of the following match.


For this Australian act I decided to not feature a black metal/atmospheric/post-metal band and instead chose Claim The Throne, who are a melodic death/folk metal band in the vein of Fintroll, Turisas, Alestorm etc. The music is typically upbeat and well played and it’s fun stuff to listen to after a few beers, my only quibble is the lack of didgeridoos in the music, I mean if you’re going to be a folk metal act from Oz you might as well go the whole hog (or whole ‘roo!).

Odyssey are classed as a progressive/power metal act (according to metal archives) and from the songs I’ve heard the progressive part is right but I’m struggling to see the power metal bit; there is a hard rock/’70s vibe to some of the tracks and I love that the keyboards add some great texture to the songs and compliments the guitar work well. There is some really good prog-metal songs on display here and some great playing and I hope they don’t use it up and wear it out (obscure disco reference)

PREDICTION: This is a tough one. As co-hosts, Australia will have the most pressure in front of a rabid home crowd but they will be facing a Pakistani side that have won their last four games, to help propel them into the quarter finals, also Pakistan will have an incentive to face arch-rivals India (think Yankess-Red Sox but with nuclear weapons). I feel Australia will win this one but they will have to keep the Pakistani batsmen quiet if they want to progress.

Musically I’m giving the nod to Odyssey as they aren’t as one-dimensional as Claim The Throne are to my ears.


Yesterday South Africa booked their ticket into the semi-finals after beating Sri Lanka by 9 wickets. Their reward is a match against the winners of the New Zealand/West Indies. Who’s next to book themselves a semi-final spot? Let’s find out!


If you read yesterday’s piece, you’ll have seen my bit about how the ‘less well known’ metal nations have a smaller pool talent and sometimes it’s difficult to find good bands. Well…….I’m a fucking idiot and I’d like to retract my statement!

Cryptic Fate have been around since 1993 and play a powerful mixture of heavy metal with thrash elements and some proggy moments. The current members of Cryptic Fate have been together since the band formed, which is somewhat of a rarity these days. The songs are great to headbang and air guitar along to, the vocalist, Chowdhury Fazle Shakib, has a great, powerful range and the harmonies are some of the best this side of Iron Maiden. Good old fashioned heavy metal but in no way derivative.

From Bangalore (I know a salty song about a girl from there) comes stoner/doom band Bevar Sea (pronounced Bay-var Sea) and man, what a fucking trip they are!  Blatant Sabbath/St. Vitus/Trouble worshiping is on display and man does it feel good! Infectious riffs, interstellar guitar solos and some seriously grooving songs makes Bevar Sea’s debut album, ‘Bevar Sea’, worthy of buying. Check it out on bandcamp.

PREDICTION: India was undefeated in the Pool matches and I cannot see anything changing here against a good, but not spectacular Bangladeshi team. Musically, I’m torn. I love me some stoner/doom and Bevar Sea ticks all the boxes for me though Cryptic Fate are no slouches either, playing some terrific thrash-influenced heavy metal that makes me punch the air. After much consideration I’m going for Bevar Sea….just! And when it comes to ‘leeser known’ metal nations and a small talent pool, I’ll keep my mouth firmly shut!



So we now head into the ‘win-or-go-home- section of the competition. Eight teams left and to be entirely honest, there are no real surprises in the final 8. Both co-hosts, the three sub-continent countries, the WIndies and the following two teams.


From Cape Town comes a new black metal act called Wolven Decorum and let’s face it, even if the music wasn’t good the band would be featured just on their name alone! Fortunately, the music is good, solid second-wave Norwegian black metal: blastbeats, frantic tremelo riffing and screeching vocals adds up to some good, not spectacular, BM that’s quite fun to listen to.

Originally formed in 2003, disbanded in 2006 and then reformed in 2009, Siblings of Hatred are a Sri Lankan black/thrash metal act but have only released one ep in 2014. Once again it’s pretty competent music, played well, sung well it’s just not blowing up my kilt but you may enjoy it.

PREDICTION: Both teams finished in their respective Pools with the same number of points (8) but South Africa have finished the strongest in the table. It will be a close game, not necessarily high scoring but I feel the South Africans will win. Musically, I’m also going for South Africa as Wolven Decorum engaged me more than Siblings of Hatred. Not that SoH are poor, they just didn’t do it for me.

Both countries featured on metal-archives have only 1 page of metal bands featured and half of those featured bands are listed as ‘active’, so the pool of talent is small to begin with and I don’t want to feature bands that play a style of music that I have no interest in just to slag them off. I’m not a big fan of grindcore or metalcore so I don’t feel it’s fair to feature an act that I know I won’t like or enjoy.