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my random splashes of paint.

Fun With Burlap

I’ve recently discovered burlap canvases, well not ‘discovered’ them as I’m pretty sure that they’ve been around for a couple of years, but I’ve got round to buying and using burlap canvases for my attempts at painting. And I have to say I do find them very condusive to create quite neat paintings.
These four are each on a 6″x6″x1.5″ burlap canvas and, like most of my paintings, I have no idea what the final outcome is meant to be and you can hang or display it anyway you want it (that’s the way you need it-sorry, Journey’s playing on the radio and my mind just went there!). For me, I find it easier to paint on burlap if I just squeeze a goodly amount of paint onto the canvas and then skoosh it around with a paint brush or a palette knife or both! The canvas is literally your canvas. So enjoy the paintings and I hope to be posting more soon, though I may be a while. I’m in court next week due to damaging a Chinese restaurant. I’m being charged with wonton destruction.








Yet another painting!

I’m on a roll here! This one was done before the previous painting (I have no time for your chronological yearnings!) and is another one that I am quite pleased of (obviously or I wouldn’t be posting them here for no-one to look at!)

Once again, it is the colours, the sun and the flames that appeal to me and yes dear reader (viewer?) I have not got a scooby (Scooby-Doo =clue) about what it is! Enjoy!Image

The Stradivarius of Painting.

So with today’s painting, I decided to listen to ‘F#A# (Infinity)’ by Godspeed You! Black Emperor  and see what would happen.

I’ve no idea what I wanted to paint and I still have no idea what I painted (as usual) but I do quite like the colours and the two ‘tree’ figures on either side of the painting. This is my first painting on a large canvas (24in by 30in) and I’m quite pleased how it came out and with a bit of practise (and discovering some sort of talent deep inside me!) the next few should be even better!Image


More paintings

This started out as a ‘blue’ painting with an experiment in using shapes. However after scraping off some excess paint from another painting I was doing, I smeared it onto the right side and it became a ‘demon/aquatic bug’ shape so the yellow eyes and stripes came naturally. What I didn’t see (until I took the photo) was the face of the guy in the bottom left hand corner. He looks quite a Grumpy Gus doesn’t he?

Are you hung up?




This painting started off as just a mesh of black and grey and for some reason I felt inspired to add some white and pink to make it a little more cheery (the same way a nuclear winter would make Birmingham, GB a little more cheery) and suddenly I saw a mouth, then a nose, then some crazy hair, (then I thought I saw a spider on thew table but it was just a piece of fluff-it still freaked me out a bit!)  and finally I added a single white dot and there she was (I always the face gave off a feminine vibe) staring out of the canvas at me.


The way I see it Barry, this should be a dynamite show.

When I start my paintings, I have no clue as to what I’m doing (as you can probably tell!) I just let the brush do it’s stuff and pick the colours that seem right. I turn the canvas round several times whilst painting just to give it a different perspective and then (depending on what I see) I’ll go off in another direction. Like this one:


It started out as a desert scene but then I painted (blobbed?) those two browny orange things that look a bit like large owl-like creatures (possibly large owls) and suddenly the desert became the sky and I was done. However, when I turned the painting 180 degrees…….



I had two guys (one wearing a hat) walking across the sand whilst being pelted by a grey rain cloud in the top left! Two paintings for the price of one! Genius!

Tune in next time and I’ll inflict more of my paintings at you!