As the final weekend of the Pool matches take place, there are still a few places up for grabs. Can the Japanese beat the USA and pip Scotland for second place? (‘Yes’, and ‘No’ respectively) errrr…….and that’s it really. All the places are more or less sorted and so the majority of the remaining games are for pride only so……….here a picture of some rugby players with the ball replaced by a cat.



Voodoo Gods are an American/German/Polish combo that play some pretty damn fine death/thrash metal in a similar vein to Vader and Behemoth etc. Damn good for what ails you and the perfect soundtrack for a night of headbanging goodness.

Abandoned Stars are a young Edinburgh band (with a French vocalist and an Italian drummer) who remind me a lot of Firewind, Sonata Arctica, and Stratovarius in their style of music. Heavy metal with some symphonic cheese added to the mix makes for an ideal soundtrack to practice your air guitar in front of the mirror and slightly scare the cat.

PREDICTION: Unlike the football team, Scotland’s rugby squad will have no problem progressing to the next round by dispatching Samoa quite easily.

Musically, I’m going to wuss-out and call a draw. Both bands are new to me and both bands hit the spot in different ways, which makes me a very happy bunny indeed.




A double dose of depression for you to ……enjoy? Autumn’s Dawn features Tim Yatras (brainchild behind Germ, and ex-member of Austere and Grey Waters to name but a few) and Matthew Bell, guitarist in Bane of Isildur and Troldhaugen, and what a miserably, wonderful listening experience they bring forth! Gorgeous guitar notes, howling vocals and a sense of lovely despair permeate throughout.

Welsh solo act Anesmwythder is a different kettle of halibut altogether. Musically there’s some great black metal going on but it’s lyrically that sets him apart from others. Depression, dysphoria and body modification, identity issues and other personal experiences with mental illness are some of the subjects he uses for inspiration. A hard, but rewarding listening experience.

PREDICTION: Wales need to win heavily if they are to leap-frog over the Aussies and claim top spot and although I feel they will win, it won’t be by a big enough margin and will have to settle for second spot.

Musically I’m plumping for Autumn’s Dawn slightly ahead of Anesmwythder just on musical variety alone.



I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again: one of my favourites reasons to do these ‘World Cup’ posts is to discover new bands and new music and the six bands featured in this post are living proof of this. Take Nhor for instance.

hailing from the green fields of Herefordshire, Nhor play a sublime atmospheric/folk black metal, all quiet, chill piano parts lulling you into a dreamy state of mind, conjuring up images ¬†beautiful fields, flowers in bloom and blue skies, until the guitars crash in and you stumble over a rotting corpse or two. Fans of Alcest will enjoy Nhor’s stuff as will fans of Aquilus.

Vermifone are a different band entirely. Like Sabbath riffs? Enjoy sludgey-doomy goodness? Would you like a crazed Uruguayan sinisterly shouting at you for no reason? Then this is the band for you!

PREDICTION: Both teams have nothing to play for in this game, so I’m going to pick Uruguay just for shits and giggles.

Musically I’m picking Nhor and I’m off to discover his back catalogue on Prophecy Records. As the old advert goes “Nhor- he’s got the Nhor-how!”

(crap joke so here’s another picture of a rugby player holding a kitty!)




3 thoughts on “THE WORLD CUP OF METAL 2015 (RUGBY EDITION) GAME 34/35/36

  1. Merrie Skelley

    Excellent reviews, as always! Couple of questions:

    1) What exactly is a “a different kettle of halibut altogether” and where can I find one?
    2) Love Sabbath riffs and sludgy-doominess, but I can’t stand it when crazed Uruguayans shout at me for no reason (on the other hand, I love it when a “crazed Uruguayan” shouts at me for a good reason or even a bad reason, as long as reason is involved). So, are there an Uruguay bands that won’t shout at me?



    1. stevewynmur Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Merrie! Glad you enjoyed the post. To naswer your questions: 1) it’s like a different kettle of fish but more expensive
      2) I’ve not found a Uruguayan band that won’t shout at anybody yet, but I’m still looking!

      Liked by 1 person


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