The famous French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (“Jean-Paul Sartre? One of the best centre-forwards West ‘Am ever ‘ad! By sheer mind power alone he could get the ball into the back of the net! Dead ball situation? Fackin’ ‘ell! He could fackin’ prove the fackin’ ball didn’t fackin’ exist!”) once said “Hell is other people”. He was only partially right, because in this day and age hell is not necessarily other people (and a cracking tune by popular beat combo Half Man Half Biscuit) but it can also be computer failures during the middle of a bloody rugby world cup! And this is the reason why I’ve not been able to update this blog for around a week or so! My loyal hamster, Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, has finally kicked the bucket* (a long shot I know) after seven years of faithful service and so I’ve had to search high and low for a new companion to help complete this mission, and I am proud to announce a new fully-functional hamster I’ve named Toby Gruntsplatter and fired up with a mixture of Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster that I have labelled Red Rockster, we are now fully equipped to continue to seek out and explore strange new bands and new music, to boldly go where no hamster has gone before! So to apologise to my loyal readers (Mrs and Mrs Loyal, 22A Glenrothes Lane, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Hello Rab and Mary!) here’s a picture of some cute goats!

Yeah, we know we’re cute mofos!



Wilt hail from the Great Cold North, Manitoba to be exact, and play an atmospheric black metal that seems to encompass the glacial, frozen Canadian countryside and conjures up images of a giant moving slowly through the snowy forests.

A side-project of the guitarists from Dordeduh, Sunset in the 12th House are an instrumental psychedelic post-rock act full of atmosphere, superb musicianship and fantastic songs.great album to kick back and relax to or to help inspire you in front of the canvas.


Seeing as both teams have been eliminated, both teams are winless and it’s just pride they are playing for, this should be a pretty open game and seeing as it’s Canada’s last game in the competition, I would imagine there will be a little more of a will to win from the Canucks.

Musically I’m going for Sunset in the 12th House for producing, seemingly from nowhere, one of the best albums of 2015, full of great riffs and blistering guitar solos.



Enshine are a Swedish/French duo who play a very lovely style of melodic death/doom metal recalling such great bands like Swallow The Sun, Insomnium and Daylight Dies. Beautiful melodies, great riffs and superb songs makes them a band to check out tout suite!

Representing Uruguay is melodic death metal act Abyssal Dimension and pretty decent they are too. Not going to win too many awards for originality but catchy riffs, a good sense of melody and some cracking songs gets a thumbs up from me.


Once again, both teams are eliminated from the tournament, both teams are winless and it’s Fiji’s last game of the competition, I’m getting a Groundhog Day feeling from this game. Fiji have been unlucky not to record a win against three of the strongest teams in the group and I think they will have no problem picking up their first win against a very poor Uruguayan side.

Musically the Fijians can thank the Swedish/French collaboration of Enshine for their victory today.

*No hamsters were harmed during the making of this blog although a few guinea pigs got there feelings hurt.

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