So once more into the breach old friend, once more. Yes! It’s another installment of my (n)ever popular ‘World Cup of Metal’ series and as you can see by the pictures, in this exciting installment I’ll be concentrating on the Rugby World Cup, being held in England and giving you my usual drivel of ill-informed sporting opinion and ( more importantly) introducing you to some fucking amazing metal music.

Quick recap: Each game will feature two bands from the countries playing that day and I’ll provide (where possible) you tube links, bandcamp links, metal-archives link and a homepage link for said bands, give a brief description of the music and declare a winner. Simples! Now, my knowledge of the Micronesian metal scene, along with the Namibian metal scene, is scarce to say the least so for these countries I’ll be doing two things: I had already planned to use bands from the ‘International’ section of metal-archives which I will for the first set of games, but then I’ll also be using bands and artists who have liked my photo-manipulated artwork from my Instagram account (I’m under ‘sufferingzappatache’) and these I’ll be using from the second week or so of games. So, sit back, pour a glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy the music  and the game and the blog!



Hailing from the cesspool that is forever London, Eye of Solitude are a death/doom act who are heavy on the death and very heavy on the doom but also very accessible. The music has the trad death/doom riffs and tempos you’d expect from the genre but Eye of Solitude are not afraid to up the tempo as and when needed to add a little variety to their gloom-laded offerings. Singer Daniel Neagoe’s low growls are just sublime and the rest of the band (who also appear in symphonic blackened death metal side project Sidious) strike a great balance between melody, melancholy and outright doom. They have three albums out so far and you definitely need them in your life.

Clouds are an international band from several European countries, including the U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Faroe Islands and Finland! Finally, a European union I can fully support! Clouds are an atmospheric doom metal act and boy do they bring the atmosphere! Beautiful, haunting piano intros and clean vocals give way to despairing low growls from one Daniel Neagoe who, and I didn’t know this until I did some research, also plays drums with the band. It’s a lot slower and more ‘mellow’ than Eye of Solitude, and it’s just as beautiful and haunting. Another band you and I need in our lives.


Host nation England will be looking to kick off their campaign with a victory over an improving but not-quite-there yet Fiji. With only the top two teams going through, and with Australia and Wales in the group England will need to overcome a Fijian team that will be looking for an upset. England’s bench, if needed, will be too strong for the Pacific Islanders and the hosts should come out on top.

As for the music, I really can’t choose between either band. Eye of Solitude have three great albums to pick from whilst Clouds have just the one, but they are both quite different doom beasts and both bands move me in different ways that I just don’t know which one to pick.

Hooray for little girl!



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