Something a little different for y’all today, industrial/doom metal by a band named Dying of the Light. The sound is post-industrial Godflesh worship, with nods to Head of David (Justin Broderick’s previous band) and also pays respects to Wiseblood , a Clint Ruin Foetus album in all but name. The songs are relatively short (no longer than 5 minutes) and very catchy in the same way that herpes is catchy. If you enjoy your industrial doom heavy and bleak then Dying of the Light could be the band for you.

Throne Below is a one-man BM act from South Africa who’s debut album, ‘Defy Deceit Destroy’, is a solidly enjoyable slice of 2nd wave black metal mixed with the multicultural influences of the BM sound today, alongside a production that actually lets you hear all the damn instruments! A great debut album and hopefully there is more to come from this guy in the future.

PREDICTION: After Martin Guptill’s 237 n.o. in the quarter finals over the West Indies, New Zealand will be hoping for another big performance from their batsmen over a fully rested South Africa, who barely broke into a sweat when defeating Sri Lanka six days ago. This will be a tough game, both sides are capable of big numbers and their bowlers are capable of shutting down batsmen so I believe that home field advantage will decide this game, with the Kiwis winning a close one. Musically, I’m going to pick Dying of the Light over Throne Below but only just. Both acts are fantastic and deserve wider exposure, check them out!



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