After last night’s win over Bangladesh, India’s semi-final opponents will be the victor of the following match.


For this Australian act I decided to not feature a black metal/atmospheric/post-metal band and instead chose Claim The Throne, who are a melodic death/folk metal band in the vein of Fintroll, Turisas, Alestorm etc. The music is typically upbeat and well played and it’s fun stuff to listen to after a few beers, my only quibble is the lack of didgeridoos in the music, I mean if you’re going to be a folk metal act from Oz you might as well go the whole hog (or whole ‘roo!).

Odyssey are classed as a progressive/power metal act (according to metal archives) and from the songs I’ve heard the progressive part is right but I’m struggling to see the power metal bit; there is a hard rock/’70s vibe to some of the tracks and I love that the keyboards add some great texture to the songs and compliments the guitar work well. There is some really good prog-metal songs on display here and some great playing and I hope they don’t use it up and wear it out (obscure disco reference)

PREDICTION: This is a tough one. As co-hosts, Australia will have the most pressure in front of a rabid home crowd but they will be facing a Pakistani side that have won their last four games, to help propel them into the quarter finals, also Pakistan will have an incentive to face arch-rivals India (think Yankess-Red Sox but with nuclear weapons). I feel Australia will win this one but they will have to keep the Pakistani batsmen quiet if they want to progress.

Musically I’m giving the nod to Odyssey as they aren’t as one-dimensional as Claim The Throne are to my ears.


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