Yesterday South Africa booked their ticket into the semi-finals after beating Sri Lanka by 9 wickets. Their reward is a match against the winners of the New Zealand/West Indies. Who’s next to book themselves a semi-final spot? Let’s find out!


If you read yesterday’s piece, you’ll have seen my bit about how the ‘less well known’ metal nations have a smaller pool talent and sometimes it’s difficult to find good bands. Well…….I’m a fucking idiot and I’d like to retract my statement!

Cryptic Fate have been around since 1993 and play a powerful mixture of heavy metal with thrash elements and some proggy moments. The current members of Cryptic Fate have been together since the band formed, which is somewhat of a rarity these days. The songs are great to headbang and air guitar along to, the vocalist, Chowdhury Fazle Shakib, has a great, powerful range and the harmonies are some of the best this side of Iron Maiden. Good old fashioned heavy metal but in no way derivative.

From Bangalore (I know a salty song about a girl from there) comes stoner/doom band Bevar Sea (pronounced Bay-var Sea) and man, what a fucking trip they are!  Blatant Sabbath/St. Vitus/Trouble worshiping is on display and man does it feel good! Infectious riffs, interstellar guitar solos and some seriously grooving songs makes Bevar Sea’s debut album, ‘Bevar Sea’, worthy of buying. Check it out on bandcamp.

PREDICTION: India was undefeated in the Pool matches and I cannot see anything changing here against a good, but not spectacular Bangladeshi team. Musically, I’m torn. I love me some stoner/doom and Bevar Sea ticks all the boxes for me though Cryptic Fate are no slouches either, playing some terrific thrash-influenced heavy metal that makes me punch the air. After much consideration I’m going for Bevar Sea….just! And when it comes to ‘leeser known’ metal nations and a small talent pool, I’ll keep my mouth firmly shut!



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