So we now head into the ‘win-or-go-home- section of the competition. Eight teams left and to be entirely honest, there are no real surprises in the final 8. Both co-hosts, the three sub-continent countries, the WIndies and the following two teams.


From Cape Town comes a new black metal act called Wolven Decorum and let’s face it, even if the music wasn’t good the band would be featured just on their name alone! Fortunately, the music is good, solid second-wave Norwegian black metal: blastbeats, frantic tremelo riffing and screeching vocals adds up to some good, not spectacular, BM that’s quite fun to listen to.

Originally formed in 2003, disbanded in 2006 and then reformed in 2009, Siblings of Hatred are a Sri Lankan black/thrash metal act but have only released one ep in 2014. Once again it’s pretty competent music, played well, sung well it’s just not blowing up my kilt but you may enjoy it.

PREDICTION: Both teams finished in their respective Pools with the same number of points (8) but South Africa have finished the strongest in the table. It will be a close game, not necessarily high scoring but I feel the South Africans will win. Musically, I’m also going for South Africa as Wolven Decorum engaged me more than Siblings of Hatred. Not that SoH are poor, they just didn’t do it for me.

Both countries featured on metal-archives have only 1 page of metal bands featured and half of those featured bands are listed as ‘active’, so the pool of talent is small to begin with and I don’t want to feature bands that play a style of music that I have no interest in just to slag them off. I’m not a big fan of grindcore or metalcore so I don’t feel it’s fair to feature an act that I know I won’t like or enjoy.


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