Demonic Resurrection are an Indian symphonic black metal act with several albums to their name who, whilst not re-inventing the genre, are fairly competent but I feel there’s something missing from the music. Maybe the band are missing a trick by not incorporating sounds or instruments from their culture/heritage as it would probably elevate their music above ‘just ok’.

Thomas Mapfumo is a Zimbabwean musician known as “The Lion of Zimbabwe” and “Mukanya” (the praise name of his clan in the Shona language) for his immense popularity and for the political influence he wields through his music, including his sharp criticism of the government of President Robert Mugabe. He both created and made popular Chimurenga music and his slow-moving style and distinctive voice is instantly recognisable to Zimbabweans.

Mapfumo was imprisoned without charges under the white-dominated regime of Rhodesia. He now lives in exile in the United States, and although he has occasionally returned to Zimbabwe he has not returned since 2005.

PREDICTION: India, who will face Bangladesh on 19th March, will probably go undefeated in this group as they face a pretty poor Zimbabwean side.  Musically I’ll be giving this to Zimbabwe as demonic Resurrection’s music was ok but not spectacular.



Named after one of my favourite Rainbow songs (but probably not) Stargazer play some pretty fine blackened death metal and are not afraid to use some experimentation in their songs (tempos, angular riffs, slow, quiet prog-like passages) to keep the music interesting and exciting. Stargazer are a very innovative and fresh-sounding band and their albums are all worth checking out.

One of my favourite things about researching for this blog is checking out the band names on the metal archives site. I usually go by the genre I like followed by the band name, sometimes it’s the band name that will jump out at me  and in this case Danny, Champion of Nothing was just too good to resist! Hailing from Edinburgh, DCoN, are a slow loud band in the vein of Isis, Pelican, Cult of Luna etc, and have an ep out on their bandcamp page. It’s a glorious mixture of quiet, loud, quiet, even louder moments in the songs, huge riffs, intense vocals and just a wonderful noise from these young guys. No youtube clip, but check out the bandcamp site.

PREDICTION: Predictably I’m going to go for an Australian win on the field against a quite poor Scotland side. Musically, the Aussies win again but only just due to their larger back catalogue over DCoN though I do look forward to hearing more from these Edinburgh boys.




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