english sporting prowess


From the ashes of one of the U.K.’s best black metal acts, Akercocke, comes Voices which features David Gray (no, not that one!), Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes to carry on and re-interpret the sound of their previous band, featuring lyrics and ideas that have less to do with satanism and sex and more to do with jealousy, relationships……………..and sex! Progressive death metal with touches of black and plenty of melody and atmosphere. If you’re missing Akercocke, then Voices will fill that void for you quite nicely.


From Bangladesh comes a band who’s name I’ve no idea how to pronounce but I can tell you that they play melodic black metal and their lyrics are solely focused on the Southern region and about it’s myths and traditions. The name “brajangngana” was taken from a Michael Madhusudan Dutt poem. It’s translated meaning is “one of Braja’s milkmaids who was enamored with Krishna.”

PREDICTION: England’s one solitary victory in this tournament came against Scotland and they’ve lost to the top 3 teams in Pool A. Bangladesh occupy the fourth spot and even if England do beat them today, they would still be a point behind their opponents and it would all result on the last game. England will face Afghanistan and Bangladesh will take on New Zealand, England could still grab fourth spot, having theoretically the easier match. It’s important for both sides today to win (sporting cliche #214), however I feel that Bangladesh will have a little too much for England and will snuff out any hope England have of qualifying.

Musically, Voices just edges out Brajangngana because of my love of a little bit of ‘Cocke! (Waaaa-haaaay!)


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