Although I’ve been reporting on the Cricket World Cup for the past week or so I’m still not convinced that it is actually real. I’m starting to believe it’s just a gigantic hoax (for what end, I’m not sure) and when I saw the match last night it just seemed to confirm it for me. I mean, it was around 8pm last night when I was watching the so-called ‘live’ game between Scotland and Bangladesh and yet they were playing in the sunlight! How does that happen? You can’t explain that! Also, magnets. How do they fucking work?


Today’s game features Pool B leaders India taking on a West Indian side who have to quickly get over their shellacking from South Africa. Should be a very good game.

Indian black metal. Three words I didn’t think I’d be writing today but I clicked on the metal-archives site and found 1833AD, checked them out and passed on the savings to you!  It’s a great slice of black metal that is also very melodic alongside being very heavy and intense.

Check out the full album on the bandcamp page.

Trinidad and Tobago are the islands representing the West Indies today and from that place comes death metal act Lynchpin. Nothing flashy, nothing fancy just good, solid death metal that punches you right in the face.

PREDICTION: It’s hard to see past an victory for India just because they have been so consistent (3 wins from 3 matches) and the WIndies have struggled so far. Musically


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