Scotland's national sporting trophy

Scotland’s national sporting trophy

With 3 games left to play (and all 3 against teams who are going to be in the knockout stages of the tournament) it looks like Scotland will be the proud recipients of the coveted Wooden Spoon award for Pool A and quite possibly for the entire tournament as U.A.E seem to have a better scoring record.

So as I have just 3 bands left to feature I better make them good ones, and I think I’ve struck gold with this one!


From the dour and dreek streets of the nation’s capital comes an excellent one man atmospheric black metal act, Bron and his 2014 demo ‘Fogradh’, a single 28-minute track that is one of the best tracks I’ve heard for a while. The main thing about the song is the keyboards which gives the whole mid-tempo black metal song a very grandiose and cosmic feel and the production is very, very good for a demo. Check out his bandcamp page for download details.

From Dhaka, come melodic death metal act Hallucination. The riffs are really good and the drumming is great I just have a problem getting used to the vocals, there a little to treble-y for me, but still enjoyable no the less.

PREDICTION: On the field I’m afraid to say that Bonnie Scotland will get their arses felt and Bangladesh will take another step closer to one of the top 4 places that guarantees progress. Musically, however, I am a huge fan of one-man-atmospheric-black-metal bands and Bron’s demo is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a many a long time. Slainte!












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