If any one is confused as to how cricket is played, here’s a handy rhyme to remind you.


Today’s match see two sides that have had an bit of history with each other (and with England, when all said and done!) South Africa were Ireland’s first Test-playing nation opponents in 1894 and in 1904 Ireland won their first game against a Test-playing nation by beating…..South Africa! Oh my Cthulhu! Actual facts and research in this blog post! A sure sign of the apocalypse, no doubt!

For the Irish, we have a band named after a Mediterranean wind who play (in their words) ‘Celtic Thrash Metal’, but to these ears Sirocco play good old fashioned NWOBHM-ish heavy metal. My only gripe with the song (and the album in general) is that the guitars don’t sound beefy enough for me, live they probably have a fat, full, beautiful sound but on the album they seem a little weak; but the songwriting shines through and Sirocco are another pleasant surprise to these ears.

As with Thy Wither (who I featured the last time SA played, Crow Black Sky are a melodic black/death metal act who tip their cap to the likes of Hecate Enthroned, Amon Amarth and Primordial but they are not a mere ‘copy’ band. Their songs are melodic, brutal, nuanced and heavy and can hold their own against a lot of metal acts out there.

PREDICTION:  Ireland, unbeaten in two matches so far, take on 2nd placed South Africa in Pool B with a chance of cementing a place in the knockout stages. However SA are coming off a tremendous victory over the West Indies (who Ireland have also beaten!) and so will be fired up to try and catch table leaders India. I can see Ireland reaching the knockout stages of this World Cup (unlike England and Scotland), unfortunately I believe South Africa will have too much momentum and experience for the Irish to overcome. Musically, I’m going to cop out and declare a draw as I do like both bands but if my arm is twisted I’ll give the victory to Crow Black Sky (via the D/L Method) due to the weak guitar sound of Sirocco.




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