So let’s get the jokes out the way now.

Australian scientists have discovered two new uses for sheep: wool and meat.

New Zealand scientists have discovered two new uses for sheep: wool and meat. (Although to be honest as a half-Pom/half Scot I’ve no real right to make any jokes as the performances at this World Cup have shown!)

Today’s match sees the two co-hosts facing each other with New Zealand having maximum points from 3 games and their Antipodean neighbours having played 2 games with 1 win and 1 No Result due to the game against Bangladesh being washed out.


First up is Creeping, a doom/black metal act from Auckland playing a very filthy sounding doom mixed with black metal, raspy vocals and a sense of creepiness, for want of a better word. Reverend Bizarre meets early-70’s Sabbath which is no bad thing indeed!

Meanwhile, just over 1400 miles away, here comes Caligula’s Horse, a progressive metal/rock band that have a slew of excellent songs, fantastic riffs and more time changes than the TARDIS on a good night (I may have already used that phrase before, I make no apologies). Tight playing, great singing and two albums that are worth buying. Go check ’em out!

PREDICTION: It’ll be a close, tight game but I feel the Kiwis will just shade it. Musically, the Aussies have this one.

The second game today features Pool B leaders India looking for their third straight win against the Pool B whipping boys Pakistan  I mean the U.A.E.

Up first is Djinn and Miskatonic, which seems quite an apt name to feature in a cricket themed blog (gin and tonic, anyone?), and they play a Sabbath/Saint Vitus/Cathedral/Rev Bizarre style of doom which fair near warms the cockles of my heart.

From the U.A.E comes one-man black metal project Thamud which partially takes the name from  an ancient Arabian tribe that existed in the period of the pre-Arabian age of ignorance. He’s only released on demo in 2010 and not much activity since, but the demo is quite an interesting piece of ambient BM and can be downloaded from the link below.

PREDICTION: India are looking quite comfortable to progress into the knockout stages and I can see an easy win here. Musically it’s a win for the sub-continent too.





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