First of, let me apologise for missing off Game 18’s Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh match yesterday. I would like to blame a poor ability to read the fixtures list for my oversight, however in this ‘blame someone else society’, I’m blaming the fact that Australia and New Zealand are a full day or so ahead of my time zone, ISIS, ISIL, IS, ISOLE, Was (Not Was) and Was but not Was. Sri Lanka won by 92 runs btw. So I’ll do a better more in-depth report next time the two teams are next playing, but for now here are Sri Lankan melodic black/death metal act Spleen Saint and Bangladeshi black/death metal act Jahiliyyah.

Tonight’s match (and there is only one, I’ve double checked!) features two of the biggest names in cricket: South Africa and the West Indies.


From Pretoria come melodic black/death metal act They Wither and have a 5-track ep available from Vision of God records. The songs are great, the riffs are tight and catchy and there’s enough light and shade the the songs to keep the listener interested. A band to look out for.

Now the West Indian cricket team was once the most feared cricket teams in the world, (check out the documentary ‘Fire Over Babylon’ for proof) and features the cricket associations of Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands. And with that said I have quite a lot of islands to chose from, so we’ll start with Barbardos and the only band featured on metal-archives: Conrad.  Embeka Anubis is the man behind the black metal act and it’s more than your typical one-man-BM-bedroom act. The use of the pipe organ and some native percussion instruments raise the songs up a notch or two and the lyrical aspect (dealing with Caribbean folklore and mysticism) add a unique angle to the songs (which is pretty good BM) Another interesting act and hopefully in the next release he’ll feature a bit more ‘local’ colour and atmosphere to the songs.

PREDICTION: Both teams have lost one game each so far. SA losing to India and the Windies losing, surprisingly, to Ireland, so a victory today will have push one team to have one foot in the knockout phase and leave the other scrambling to catch up (insightful analysis, eh!). For me, all eyes will be on Gayle and Samuels from the Windies to keep up their good form which saw them both score centuries against Zimbabwe. West Indies win and musically they win too.



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