So I was sitting around on my fat, lardy-arse wondering what to do next for this blog when inspiration struck! Well it’s better than chlamydia striking I suppose. I’ll just re-hash my World Cup of Metal blog posts and do it for the Cricket World Cup instead! That’ll sure be a great success! *whistles nonchalantly*

Below is a quick illustrative guide for those Americans who don’t play/watch/understand/gives two fucks about cricket.

Ah, cricket! Is there a more wonderful sound than that of leather smacking willow? Unless it’s the sound of leather and willow smacking on flesh but what happens in the privacy of a gentleman’s bedroom is between him and his $2,000-a-night dominatrix.

So I’ve missed the first few games or so (15 to be exact!) but as with the Football World Cup blog, I’m more about the music than the sport, man so to disguise my complete lack of in-depth knowledge of the teams, I’ll be mainly focusing on the bands from the respective countries that are playing in Australia and New Zealand, which will also help me spotlight some bands from countries that failed to reach the Football World Cup last year (I’m looking at you, Scotland!) So sit back and enjoy, or endure, as I bowl a few googlies, check out some bouncers and try to bowl a maiden over or two and then get back to the task in hand of writing more mindless pish and mince for the 2015 World Cup of Metal (Cricket Edition).


I don’t know what was more surprising: that the UAE had a cricket team or that they had 23 entries on the metal-archives website, with half of them still listed as active.

So first up is Tartarus, from Dubai playing some pretty standard black metal but it’s played well and nicely produced. They have an EP out called ‘Of Grimness And Atrocity’ and there’s more info available on their Facebook page.


and from the Emerald Isle come Gaelic Doom Metal (their words) ensemble Mael Mordha who, four albums in, are getting better and better with each release. The majority of their songs deal in ancient, historic Irish battles and their last album ‘Damned When Dead’ was one of my favourite releases from 2013; and any band that get the Welsh town of Abergavenny into a song is damn cool with me!

PREDICTION: After a surprising 4 wicket victory over the West Indies, Ireland will be confident of two points of a U.A.E side who lost by 4 wickets to Zimbabwe and musically, Mael Mordha take the win as well.



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