This post is dedicated to the inventor of anagrams who sadly died this week. May he erect a penis.

So, whilst preparing for my next ‘We’re Doomed’ post, I stumbled across this little beauty on bandcamp. It’s a 73, (yes 73!) track, free to download, compilation that features some of the best heavy music artists currently plying their trade in Portland. It’s an excellent mixture of metal, doom, sludge, stoner, weird experimental shit and punk that will have something for everyone over it’s 429 minute running time. I recommend small chunks at a time! The creator of the compilation, a one Billy Goat, gives his reasoning behind it being a free to download thing: ”

Our intention in using Bandcamp for this compilation is to get new and local heavy music out to as many people as possible at no charge (just enter “0” when it asks you how much you want to pay). Because Bandcamp limits the number of free downloads to 200, we will periodically purchase more (so far, the number of free downloads has exceeded 2,000). Please do not feel obligated to pay for this compilation in any way. Instead, redirect your dollars to the bands themselves. Click individual tracks for relevant links to support the bands. Thank you for making this thriving scene possible!”

So there you have it, straight from the ……goat’s mouth, as it were. Below is the Bandcamp link and then just a few of my favourite tracks from the comp. Feast your ears and enjoy!

Graves At Sea- This Place Is Poison

White Orange- Either Or

The Stein Project- Dragon Church




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