I was at a loss as to what to write about once the World Cup had finished. I was racking my agile, little mind and looking back on the World Cup of Metal posts that I did (I’m such a narcissist!) and like a diamond-tipped bullet to the skull, I realised what I could write about….doom metal! There was quite a lot of doom acts featured in my posts and I loved the idea of discovering new bands from the far flung reaches of the globe, so I’m combining the two the bring you WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOMED! (or Doom All Over The World).

So using the ‘genre’ link on the Metal-Archives site and clicking on the ‘doom’ option, I’ll be wading through the 8,456 or so band links, listening to a couple of songs or so, posting links to their bandcamp/soundcloud/myspace/youtube/official page and bringing you my dear, sweet, loyal, psychotic readers some of my favourite acts from one of my favourite genres in metal.

First up is a Croatian band called (drama) who I’ve just discovered today (yay me!) and they have one album out entitled Zastor tisine which came out in 2010 although they are still active and according to their facebook page recently supported SubRosa in June of this year in Zagreb. All the songs are sung in their native language, which I’m guessing is going to be Croatian and this doesn’t take anything away from my enjoyment of the music, in fact I’d rather hear singers in their native tongue as I feel they can convey more emotion than singing in a ‘foreign’ tongue. Musically there’s some great melodic doom riffs and some pretty tasty solos as well making quite a number of the songs sound uplifting.


Staying in Europe but moving slightly westwards we arrive in Italy in the town of Brescia and to a band called (EchO) who’s album ‘Devoid of Illusions’ is available on Bandcamp and who are currently working on their follow up album. This six-piece play some great melodic death/doom metal, quite keyboard heavy and I love the mixing of the low guttural vocals and the clean vocals. There are some excellent songs on this album and I’m excited for the release of their second album, if your a fan of Swallow The Sun, Paradise Lost etc then you do need to check (Echo) out.




The final act in this post is from Sacramento, CA and are called (waning). This four-piece mixes doom, ambient, post-punk and shoegaze into their songs and whilst not the heaviest act I’ve featured (or will probably feature) the songs definitely have a doom-y quality to them and the contrast of the two vocalists (one male, one female) adds a little something different to the mix. (Waning)’s songs are more on the shoegaze-proggy side of things and are quite relaxing for the most part. A lighter, more gentle side of doom.










2 thoughts on “WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOMED!

  1. Intricate Knot

    Golly gee wilikers, Sir, you certainly do have a way with words…twisting and mixing them up in ways never previously thought of…good thing? Bad thing? Who flipping cares! It far surpasses enjoyable to read your posts!

    Love your choice of metal genre. And who knew being doomed could be so much fun? Awesome read.


    1. stevewynmur Post author

      Thank you for your kind words oh Intricate One! I’m glad you are enjoying the show (Billy Shears will be along later). Aye, who knew doom was so much fun? I did and now so do you!

      Liked by 1 person


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