Fun With Burlap

I’ve recently discovered burlap canvases, well not ‘discovered’ them as I’m pretty sure that they’ve been around for a couple of years, but I’ve got round to buying and using burlap canvases for my attempts at painting. And I have to say I do find them very condusive to create quite neat paintings.
These four are each on a 6″x6″x1.5″ burlap canvas and, like most of my paintings, I have no idea what the final outcome is meant to be and you can hang or display it anyway you want it (that’s the way you need it-sorry, Journey’s playing on the radio and my mind just went there!). For me, I find it easier to paint on burlap if I just squeeze a goodly amount of paint onto the canvas and then skoosh it around with a paint brush or a palette knife or both! The canvas is literally your canvas. So enjoy the paintings and I hope to be posting more soon, though I may be a while. I’m in court next week due to damaging a Chinese restaurant. I’m being charged with wonton destruction.









5 thoughts on “Fun With Burlap

  1. Intricate Knot

    All night, all night. Every night. So hold tight, hoooold tight! Baby hold tight.

    Love, love, LOVE your most colorful, creative, and constructive calypso use of burlap canvases as canvases. Go you! Your work is fab. U. Lous.


  2. Merrie Skelley

    “Skoosh” is such a technical term!! How exactly does one go about “skooshing”? Probably too much for me at this point…I mean do you have “oosh” before you can “skoosh”? Hey, your Fun with Burlap has also become fun for me! Love it!


    1. stevewynmur Post author

      Thanks for the comment MS! To “skoosh” properly, one must first “sk” (which is when you put the paint onto the canvas) and then the “oosh” is the art of moving the paint around the canvas willy-nilly or hither and yon depending on how you are feeling!

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