THE WORLD CUP OF METAL DAY TWENTY THREE- Ticker Tape Got Me Thinking Of Kempes

Well after the public spanking of Brazil in yesterday’s game who knows what delights await us today! Probably a drab, boring 0-0 draw and then penalties.The second semi-final features two teams that played the 1978 World Cup which Argentina won 3-1 after extra time, Mario Kempes scored two of the goals and for me this was the first World Cup I truly remember. The ticker-tape final, the Argentinians flowing hair, Johnny Rep’s free kick, Scotland getting pumped by Peru, my Dad shouting and swearing at Scotland, Archie Gemmil’s wonder goal against the Dutch which ultimately counted for naught- the story of Scotland’s World Cup history! So the Argentinians have four visits to the World Cup finals and have won twice whilst the Oranje have three Final appearances and are still searching for that elusive first World Cup Final victory. Oh and another fun fact, both Argentina and the Netherlands have lost in the World Cup final to………..Germany! Also, for those who don’t know French, it translates to The Tour of France.



To carry on a theme from the previous post, as well as taking influences and inspiration from literature (Tolkien, Howard, Lovecraft etc) metal also has war to thank for inspiration and so we turn to Hail of Bullets, a death metal band who’s three albums have all dealt with various aspects of World War Two ( Operation Barbarosa, the Japanese operations in the Pacific and Rommel). Featuring ex-members of Asphyx, Thanatos and Gorefest (to name a few) HoB, death metal and the themes of war are well suited to each other, the drums relentlessly pound like an aeriel bombardment, the riffs and the guitars pierce you through your flesh and Martin van Drunen’s vocals are absolutely perfect to scream and howl out the lyrics of pain, death and agony. Very highly recommended!

Although I may be starting to sound like a broken record on here, I have to admit that I’m very glad I started this venture. I’ve discovered some great bands whilst doing my research and today I’ve found another one. Dragonauta are a psychedelic/stoner doom metal band and have four albums out, the latest of which is featured below. This is simply some great stoner/doom metal with psychedelic (think Blue Cheer etc) and 70’s rock influences thrown in. The music grooves, it moves and it’s bloody addictive, the riffs get stuck in your head and refuse to let go, beating you into a quick submission, the production is quality and the whole vibe of the album is great. For fans of Trouble, St.Vitus, Cathedral etc, Dragonauta is a great cure for whatever ails you.

verdict: this is a tough one to call both one the pitch and musically. I feel Argentina will just shade it after extra time however musically I’m going to chicken out and go for a draw. these two bands are just so good at what they do that it’s difficult to separate them.


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