THE WORLD CUP OF METAL DAY SEVENTEEN- Adding To America’s Moral Decay One Game At A Time

After watching yesterday’s games, I deceided to treat myself to a concert. I went to see Journey. It was a decent gig but I had to leave halfway through as it just seemed to go on and on and on and on……………..



It’s been quite remiss of me to go this far with featured a Dutch or Belgium band with ‘Van Der’ in their name, well I’m making up for it today. Vanderbuyst are a trio who play good old fashioned heavy metal that’s definitely in the NWOBHM-style from the UK. If you can picture the Tygers of Pan Tang with Rory Gallagher on vocals then you’re on your way to the sound of Vanderbuyst. Great playing, songs about rockin out, girls and good times makes for an enjoyable listen for this auld git.

Sidartha Brothel (now that’s a great name!) play avant-garde progressive death metal and what sets them truly apart is the flute player. Honestly, listen to the track below and just be amazed that the flutist is following the guitarist almost note for note! The last time I heard flute playing like that was Napolean Murphy Brock in the ’74 MOI band. Great riffs and songs, more time changes than the TARDIS on a good night and that flute playing makes Sidartha Brothel a band to check out.

verdict: Two great bands but thanks to the flute Sidartha Brothel take the win. On the pitch it’s very difficult to choose but the Oranje will shade it in extra time.

COSTA RICA vs GREECE (The Battle of the Minnows-underestimate these two teams are your peril)


If you’re looking for great, melodic death metal with touches of prog in the songs, then Costa Rica’s Fractal Reality could right up your avenida. Strong, tight playing and great melodies makes this four piece a band to watch out for.

Now this is excellent! Acherontas is a Greek black metal band that conjures a brooding atmosphere of dread in some of their slower songs by the use of ambient effects, the lead singer just intoning the words (sometimes in his native Greek) over rhythmic, repeated guitar runs and all recorded to make it sound like you have stumbled onto a secret, satanic ritual. The faster songs are great slabs of black metal too, but when the band slows the pace down, the malevolence really shines through. I need this music in my life and so will you.

verdict: Musically it’s no contest, Greece take this one by a country mile thanks to some superb black metal wonderfulness, but on the pitch I feel that Costa Rica will just have too much power to break down the resolute Greek defence. Either way it’s a minnow in the Quarter Finals.



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