THE METAL WORLD CUP DAY SIXTEEN-ROUND OF 16-The South American Death Matches Edition

So, I’m back and with eight lives to spare! It’s the killer in the woods! I’ve had a mad day or two trying to find new sat-navs for the car. I tried the Supertramp Sat-Nav but that just took me the long way home. There was the Saxon Sat-Nav but that just took me to hell and back again (one for the oldies, there). I tried the Jimmy Webb Sat-Nav but it took me to MacArthur Park, Galveston and by the time I got to Phoenix I was bloody annoyed with whole shebang. Eventually my wife came to pick me up and she drove me home, but her Beatles’ Sat-Nav was even worse! It took us here, there and everywhere,  set us on a long and winding road and kept telling us to get back!  Okay enough with the bad jokes and on with the insightful football analysis and kick-arse music! For this round of 16, I’ve chosen bands whose names I find either strange or amusing and occasionally both. Also Football savant that I am, all my previous predictions in the group stages came through and I’m now starting the knockout stages with 100% accuracy…………..well ok, 80%………………… OK, okay 67%………………….alright I suck at predictions and couldn’t pick a winner to save my life! Happy now? Good, let’s get started.



A three-piece band whose lyrics deal with the enviroment, the destruction of the rainforest and other green concerns, Fishead play the kind of hard rock/heavy metal that I grew up with in the 80’s- all big riffs and soaring solos and you know what? I kinda like it. It gives me a nice warm feeling of nostalgia whilst not being to derivative.

Fliegend on the other hand are a totally different kettle of fish. Playing black/funeral doom music, this duo, which expands to a quartet for live gigs, are quite something. The slow funeral doom pace is there but the guitars and the vocals are definitely from the black metal end of the spectrum. At times it sounds like two different songs, hell even two different bands playing at the same time yet somehow it combines to produce something I haven’t heard before and asomething I’m going to be checking out soon.

verdict: On the pitch Brazil take this obviously but musically Chile deliver the KO punch.



Pagan Folk metal Colombian band MuyzKKubuN are something more than the run-of-the-mill pagan folk metal bands. Yes, the metal is there but what makes this more interesting is the folk passages, the clean singing and the flutes. Great music and cool lyrical concept make for an interesting take on the genre.

Another band out of left field is Pecho e’ Fierro (I think it means Fish and Fire) who play a bluesy infused hard rock. The music has a 70’s style rock vibe and the playing is really cool. Something a little different and a little more mellow than previous bands I’ve featured but the name made me smile and the music got my body moving (not a pretty sight ladies!).

verdict: Two bands with great names I can’t pronounce and playing music that I really dig and making it really difficult to choose a winner, but in the end Muyzkkubun take it slightly and Colombia also advance on the pitch. See, I managed to go through the whole post withing mentioning Uruguay not having enough bite up front or being toothless in attack or even not having a petulant 3 year old playing for them anymore. Go me!


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