I’m quite surprised that my predictions for which teams go through were all correct! One of my greatest days I must say. The second greatest time I had was when me and my father decided to put on a ‘Download’-style festival. We took Chirk Airfield as our site and booked a lot of groups we thought would suit the bill. However, we found out the long range weather forecast from the Met and it said that it would be torrential rain. With this in mind we thought it best to call the whole caboodle off. The greatest time I ever had? We didn’t tell the bands.



Lundi Galilaois the driving force behind one man project Dead Mountain Mouth, a death/black metal band with large progressive and avant garde influences. The lyrics deal with extra-terrestrial lifeforms and space and some of the music reflects that. The quality of the music, the playing and the songwriting itself shines through on almost every track. Another fantastic act to check out.

The SJOB Movement were a bunch of Nigerian backing musicians who were sick of not getting credited on songs and albums they featured on, so they formed their own band and it allowed the four guys to develop and bring their own ideas to the table. The music is funky, groovy, has an Afrobeat essence and features fuzz guitar, psychedelic sounds, keyboards and moogs. Nice!

verdict: if you’ve been reading this blog from the start of the World Cup, you’ll have noticed that the Nigerians have won all of the musical contests, however today their luck runs out. SJOB Movement is really good stuff however Dead Mountain Mouth take this one because I’m a sucker for one-man projects that deal with space. Oh and France to do it on the pitch too.



Farsot play some great black metal, full of melody and mid-tempo songs with raspy/growl ing vocals alongside spoken passages. Similar to Enslaved, Farsot like to stretch out their songs and add some progressive elements to them and, like Enslaved, the music is elevated into something special.

Algeria’s Orcus play symphonic black metal and whilst it’s not re-inventing the wheel, and it’s not exactly my favourite genre, Orcus are very good and the vocals and playing are very competent. Worth a listen or two.

verdict: I really can’t see past the Germans on the pitch and musically black metal with progressive elements will beat out symphonic bm most days, and it does today.




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