DAY ELEVEN: and I want to thank my new followers and hope that I keep producing posts that are entertaining and educational (just like a Bruce Willis movie).  In other news, the England football team visited an orphanage in Rio today.
“Its heartbreaking to see all those sad little faces with no hope” said Lucas, aged 6.



Although they’ve been around for over ten years, Cleveland band Midnight have only just be releasing their second album on 19th August (No Mercy For Mayhem available on Hells Headbangers Records Mixing classic heavy metal, punk and hard rock and showing their Motorhead/venom influences,they produce some of the filthiest metal sleaze out there today.

Ironsword are a band I discovered whilst doing these posts (one of many!) and once again I’m happy that I started this Metal World Cup thingy. Ironsword play heavy metal. No more no less, just straight up good old fashioned heavy metal featuring tales of brave warriors, bloody battles and fantastic heroes. There’s a lot of the ‘3M’ influences in their sound (Maiden, Manowar, Manilla Road) and it sounds like it could have been released in ’85 not the 2000’s but it never sounds derivative.

verdict: this is a draw. I cannot split the two bands because they both take me back to being a young lad first getting into metal and both bands put a big smile on my face and throw my horns into the air.



Pantheist started out as a funeral doom act and whilst they still play doom but have now added a gothic and progressive element to their sound which has opened up their songwriting.

Amber Tears are a Russian doom metal outfit that have lush, beautiful songs filled with despair and loss and evoking images of tearful goodbyes in the snow. They are similar in style to Draconian but without the female vocals and are well worth checking out if you are into melodious doom metal.



Taekaury play pagan black metal from South Korea. There’s not a lot of information available (that I can find) about this one-man band. From his blog spot and press releases he is interested in the old Korean past of warriors and samurai. The music is excellent, the debut album is a great piece of pagan black metal and I hope to get to hear more stuff by Taekaury.

Barbaros play some great raw, black metal from a country that is not known for metal acts let alone BM bands. (23 acts are listed on metal-archives, only 13 are still listed as active!) Again it’s nothing ground breaking but it is a cut above most of the stuff out there.

verdict: Taekaury because whether you’re singing about Vikings, Romans, Barbarians or Samurais, metal is the only apt choice of music to set it to.



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