The Metal World Cup Day Six (One Six)

Only one bad game out of fourteen so far, I like them odds! Today we more on to the last two first round games and the start of the second round of group matches.



Belgium, land of chocolate, beer (so much beer!), statues of little boys pissing (maybe because of all that beer) and some damn fine metal bands. Emptiness are a black/death metal band that feature a couple of members of Enthroned (another band worth checking out) and like to create a feeling of unease throughout their music.

Rivergate are an Algerian progressive metal band that mixes elements of folk, power and symphonic metal  and have released and ep entitled ‘Enter The Gate’. Despite the poor production, the quality of the songwriting and the musicianship really shines through and if a major labe took a chance with them, then great things await Rivergate. Check them out!



Leshak (the English name) are a Russian folk/death metal band whose lyrics mainly focus on Slavonic culture and mythology and are a very enjoyable band in a very over-saturated genre.

One of the reasons for doing these posts was to discover new metal music from countries I did not know had metal scenes. Case in point, Gostwind. a South Korean six piece that fuses metal with traditional Korean instruments. A first the sound of the Korean instruments can be a little jarring mixed in with the more ‘trad’ metal sound but after a while the sound gels together really well and the quality of the band shines through. A band to feature later in a separate post.

and now the second round of group matches begins today with:



Cangaco are a Brazilian death metal band with Brazilian folk influences in their music. They do like to throw the odd curveball or two into their songs by featuring quiet, acoustic passages and unusual guitar strumming/picking and the vibe is more ‘prog’-ish than death at times and that for a much more interesting and enjoyable listen fro me.

Hurakan are a one man black metal band from Mexico featuring a guy called Gucumatz and used to go under the name of Thanatos and he plays raw, uncompromising black metal that also features sounds from nature (rivers flowing, birds chirping, etc) alongside traditional folk instruments. This seems to be a feature for Gucumatz judging by previous releases as you’ll discover if you click the links!



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