A One Way Ticket To Hellenbach

So you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and what’s been happening in the crazy, rock and roll lifestyle that I call my life. Well, for you happy few, you band of warriors (well one-man band of warriors), you who are curious, you who seek wisdom and the rest of you nosey bastards; I’ve been ill. I wouldn’t say I was at Death’s Door but I am now well acquainted with Death’s Patio Furniture. And it is true when they say that the Devil finds work for idle hands to do. Not only did He have me cutting his lawn, he also had me grouting his bathroom tiles and alphabetising his whole cd collection (and boy, is there some great tunes in there!) Bloody lazy sod that he is. And if that wasn’t enough (and for Him, it wasn’t) I also had to plant and tend to his fig trees (because we all know how much fig trees and figs annoys Him Upstairs:

“And so it was written that the Lord saw the figs and tasted of the fruit and and became mightly vexed and spake ‘Christ on a Pogostick! What is this shit? It feels like someone’s took a dump in my mouth! I curse you fruit! And all your descendents that come after you! For you are foul to the taste and none shall eat of thee without feeling nauseous and slightly queasy. For I am the Creator of this planet and all My creations shall be perfect! And there will be no imperfection here! For I have spaken!’

Anyway, enough of this guff and onto the post.

Spring has sprung and sumer is icumen in and a young man’s fancy turns to the World Cup! As Ira Gershwin once wrote “I’ve got soccer, I’ve got metal, I’ve got the World Cup who could ask for anything more?” So here’s the deal-io:

I’m going to be posting every day (or every day there’s a game on) and will be featuring metal bands from the countries who are playing that day, so there will at least 3 different bands from the 28 of the 32 countries taking part (more about the missing four countries when we get to them!). I’ll be selecting the bands from the ‘countries’ section of the Metal Archives site http://www.metal-archives.com/ (linking it in the post) and a youtube link to one of their songs. The bands still have to be active (as per status on M.A.) and I’m not going to go for the ‘well-known’ bands but try to post about acts that I have no clue about (which shouldn’t be too difficult!) and together we’ll discover some great new music. Andiamo!




MCT are a Brazilian doom/death/black metal band that have released four stunning albums and are probably one of the best kept secrets in the metal world. This track is taken from their latest album ‘Immemorial’



JWP are from Samobor, Croatia and play progressive/avant-garde black metal and play it bloody well! One of the many progressive/avant garde/experimental BM bands that I’ll be featuring in the coming weeks. This is ‘I Am The Forest’ taken from their 2011 album ‘Escape of Pozoj.


So enjoy the World Cup, enjoy the music and (hopefully) enjoy my posts!





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