Are you hung up?




This painting started off as just a mesh of black and grey and for some reason I felt inspired to add some white and pink to make it a little more cheery (the same way a nuclear winter would make Birmingham, GB a little more cheery) and suddenly I saw a mouth, then a nose, then some crazy hair, (then I thought I saw a spider on thew table but it was just a piece of fluff-it still freaked me out a bit!)  and finally I added a single white dot and there she was (I always the face gave off a feminine vibe) staring out of the canvas at me.



One thought on “Are you hung up?

  1. Merrie Skelley

    LOL! Bits of fluff can do us in, for sure. Why do they have to look so much like spiders??

    Gosh I love you! Totally see the lady, dude…and is that a rather large wine goblet in front of her? Awesome work.



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